10 Fun Ways to Welcome Spring

Spring activities are starting to pop up on our radar! Get an early start to planning your family's Spring fun! 10 fun things to do to welcome Spring...

1. Chalk Art

Spend an afternoon creating a sidewalk masterpiece with sidewalk chalk. Kids love the free, playful doodling nature of sidewalk chalk art! Want to make your own chalk? We have a recipe!


2. Visit a Rural Farm

Introduce your children to your local farmers and let your children discover that baby animals are even cuter in real life! Many farms offer fun family activities so make a day of it! A good bet is Riverdale Farm.


3. Get the Garden Ready

There is nothing that kids love more than to dig in the dirt so why not use those extra little hands to help you in the garden. 


4. Visit the Zoo Babies

Cute alert! Spring is in the air, which means cuddly animal newborns are cropping up at the zoo. Take a day to meet all the latest adorable additions and who’s new at the Zoo!


5. Make a Backyard Bird Feeder

Spoon-feed your feathered friends with this homemade birdseed dispenser made from recyclable materials. A great project for the kids to help with at home.


6. Spring Nature Hunt

Organize a fun scavenger hunt with your kids and their friends to spot items specifically related to the Spring season, to encourage them to get out and discover what nature looks like.


7. Head to a Baseball Game

See a Blue Jays game. Make sure you attend on Jr. Jays Saturdays so the kids can take part in many fun activities that will keep them entertained through the eighth inning. They can also run the bases just like the pros after the game!


8. Go Fly a Kite

Grab some kites and head outside. If you don't have enough room in your backyard, hit the local park. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy flying kites. Worth checking out is the Four Winds Kite Festival at Kortright where you can not only fly kites but make one too!


9. Reconnect with Nature!

If your kids have been spending many of the Winter days cooped up watching TV, here are some fun ways to get them outdoors and to reconnect with nature this Spring!


10. Make a Wind Chime

Enjoy a fun day with your kids making these cute wind chimes to decorate your garden. It's a great way to recycle cans.


Photo credit: Toronto Blue Jays
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