15 Earth Day Activities for Your Family

Celebrate Earth Day with your kids! Earth Day takes place on April 22 each year. In order to inspire awareness of environmental issues, countries all around the world participate in activities to help protect and preserve the Earth. Here are 15 things you can do with your family to get into the Earth Day spirit.

1. Enlist friends, hand out bags, and clean up a nearby park. 

2. Plant shrubs or a tree in your yard or participate in a tree planting activity in your community.

3. Make a compost. It's a great way to convert your family’s food scraps into rich fertilizer for your garden or yard.

4. Start a vegetable garden.

5. Collect rain water. Use your rainwater collection system to store the water from those April showers and turn them into May flowers!

6. Gather your family, friends, and neighbours and get outside to clean up your community.

7. Look to purchase products that have a recycling symbol or that have recyclable packaging whenever possible. Avoid products that use excessive packaging.

8. Bring reusable bags when you go shopping.

9. Create a home recycling center. Reduce, reuse, and recycle materials around the home. Donate old clothing that no longer fits and properly dispose of hazardous waste.

10. Bike or walk to school rather than being driven by your parents (if it's safe).

11. Use organic pesticides in your garden if possible.

12. Always turn off lights, fans, or the TV when you leave the room.

13. Don't leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing your face and hands. Take shorter showers.

14. Upcycle and turn trash into arts and crafts projects.

15. Celebrate Earth Day at the Toronto Botanical Garden. There will be guided hikes, a nature play, and woodland crafts with DiscoverAbility and planting in the Teaching Garden. The event takes place Saturday, April 19, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm. It's free! More info.

Don't limit yourself to Earth Day -- many of these things can be done every day!

What else can your family do to help preserve our planet? Share below!

Note: The article was updated for 2017
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