Best Toy Cleaning Tips

Kids' toys can get really yucky and need a good cleaning from time to time.

It's time for Spring cleaning and that includes your kids' toys. Let's face it, kids' toys can get really yucky and need a good cleaning from time to time. Here are some great tips to help you out.

Plastic & Rubber Toys
Load plastic and rubber toys in the dishwasher. Don't underestimate the power of the dishwasher. Toss the toys in a mesh bag or dishwasher basket and place on the top rack. Most dishwasher-safe toys are labeled accordingly on the package or manufacturer's website. Be careful with plastic toys if the heating cycle is too hot. Dishwasher detergents can be harsh on toys so use vinegar.

 If your LEGO bricks are in need of a wash, or if you've just picked up a set from a garage sale, drop them in the washing machine using a mesh bag.

Stuffed Animals
For stuffed animals that have been hugged one too many times, run them through the washing machine. For toys that are too delicate to be placed in the washer or are made of material not recommended for washing machines, use a cloth or toothbrush and spot clean the toy with a mild laundry detergent. For drying options, put the stuffed toy in a pillowcase, then place in the dryer on the fluff-cycle (never leave unattended). You can also hang to dry or dry them in the sun.

 Wooden Toys
Wooden toys (painted or not) should be washed with a damp cloth and vinegar solution (part vinegar, part water).

Baby Toys
Clean your Baby toys with this safe solution. Mix of vinegar, water and baby-safe soap in the bathtub and soak all the toys.

Battery-Operated Toys
Toys with batteries require a bit more attention and should never be immersed in water. After removing the batteries, clean toys with a piece of cloth, soapy water and some rubbing alcohol for disinfection.

Barbies & Dolls
For Barbies and dolls, use some baking soda, an old toothbrush and soap or shampoo. Fill the sink with warm water and add the shampoo to make a bubble bath. Scrub the doll’s body and hair. Wash and repeat but the second time add some baking soda.

Toys should be cleaned on a regular basis for example, once a month however you should clean toys right away if your kids are recovering from an illness or after a play (especially if toddlers have put toys in their mouths).

Have any tips to clean kids' toys? Share below!

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