Lovin' Winter in Ontario

Chills, thrills, and spills; Winter’s in full swing in Ontario. To celebrate the season, we asked our social media fans "What does Winter in Ontario mean to you?" From skiing and snowboarding, to warm fires and hot cocoa, Winter means something unique to everyone. Check out a roundup of some of things that our fans like about Winter in our great province.

Reasons to Love Winter in Ontario...

What I love most about Winter in Ontario is seeing shinny hockey being played on ponds and backyard ice rinks. Only in Canada will you see Canadians playing outdoors in the bitter cold and enjoying themselves. Go Canada go! - Debbie

Finding the perfect place to cross country ski then enjoying hot cider with the entire family. That's what Winters in Ontario are all about! - Dianne

I come from New Brunswick and I have lived in Ontario for 4 years now. Winters in Ontario are so sweet... not too cold, not too much snow. - Nathalie

Crisp clean air and pretty snow flakes. - Sandy

I love Winter in Ontario because there are so many outdoor skating rinks for the public to use. I can bring my kids to skate and have some fun. - Precilla

Snowshoeing all over the north woods and enjoying so many places I can’t go to in the Summer. Going right across frozen lakes and ponds – walking on water. - Jane

Winter in Ontario is so much fun. There's always lots to do. My girls are 5 and 7 so they are into more of Daddy's favourite activities now. Tobogganing and tubing are always a hoot! - Wayne

When I was a kid in Ontario, it meant lots of ice skating! - Graham

What I love most about Winter is spending all day exploring areas you thought you knew until Winter comes along... seeing a frozen waterfall is such a beautiful site. The best part is then curling up with loved ones in front of a fire. - Kelly

My boys and I always have the best time playing in the snow. We love to go sledding, building snow forts and snow people! Wintertime is also so beautiful... the way the snow and ice covers the trees. Simply perfect and pure art! - Deborah

Playing in the snow. Enjoying the beautiful white trees. - Liz

What I love about Winter in Ontario... I love the time it gives us to stay indoor as a family on cold days. I also love the outdoor days for tobogganing with the family, skating, and skiing. Most of all it means hockey season for the kids is in full swing! - Karen

What I love most about Ontario Winter is snow days so we get to go toboganing down the hill across the street. - Michelle

Our family loves skating and playing hockey as a family at the local park ice rink during Winter in Ontario. - Megan

Pure beauty. We live in a proving that gives us the magnificence of all the different seasons. Winter brings purity. - Jenn

What I love most about Winter in Ontario is gathering our family in front of the TV on Saturday nights to watch our beloved and favourite NHL team - the Toronto Maple Leafs, play on Hockey Night in Canada. We also also being able to wear our Leafs Jersey throughout the cold Winter to keep warm and to support the Maple Leafs! Go Leafs Go! - Sidney

I love that we have Winter in Ontario. It's great that our backyards can become ice rinks, snowmobile tracks, snow forts, fields of snow men, toboggan hills... The possibilities are endless! - Melissa

Frozen Lake Ontario with ice as far as you can see. - Lisa

Beautiful snow! Crisp fresh air. - Julie

Serene beauty. - Amy 

A B&B up north and keeping warm! - Karen

Why do you love Winter in Ontario?

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