Drink More Water!

As 2016 comes to a close, we often find ourselves reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the past year. We make promises to ourselves to sleep more, eat healthier, drink more water, and exercise more. Unfortunately, as the month of January unfolds we often start to forget our resolutions. Our one week of eating healthy has now been replaced by convenient drive thru’s. Our two week stint at the gym has fallen by the wayside and those promises of getting a full 8-10 hours of sleep are replaced by work and whatever else occupies ours minds in those wee hours. That leaves us to that one last resolution: drink more water.

We all know that the body is made up of more than 60% water, so like a beautiful plant which needs water to grow, we need to water it. With a little prep work this resolution is actually an easy one to do and to keep, especially for kids. Let’s touch a little on the benefits of water, and then I will talk about how we can make water a little more exciting to drink. 

Benefits of water:

• Water helps muscles stay hydrated and energized. One of my favorite sayings at H2T is … juicy muscles work the best.
• Drinking water helps keep your skin hydrated and looking good. Dehydration makes your skin look old, dry and wrinkled!
• Water keeps those bowels on track. Everyone needs that.
• Water helps those kidneys sift out the waste and clears out what the body doesn’t need.
• Water also helps keep you focused so move over coffee, there’s a new drink in town!
• Water helps keep those “I think I’m hungry” pains away. Often we think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty. Always reach for the water.

As you can see, there are countless benefits of drinking water. Now, let’s touch on how to make this tasteless and boring drink go down easier.

Tips to make water fun: 

• Room temperature goes down easier … you can drink more ... faster.
• Use a container that’s larger than a 500 ml water bottle. We use a shaker which holds 3 1/4 cups or 769 ml of water.
• Flavour is key. Take the time to do some prep work. In our house we have a Tupperware filled with lemon, limes, grapefruit and oranges already cut up. Taking the peels off makes the water taste less bitter. We plop them in a shaker and just add water. The flavour lasts all day long and we keep refilling the shaker.
• Be creative. Take your favourite fruits or vegetables and just add water. Kids will love it!
• Get your kids a fun colorful water bottle and let them experiment with flavouring their water.

Here are a few of our favourite combos that we drink here at H2T.

Citrus Splash – Lemon/lime/orange and grapefruit
Berry Berry Yummy – Raspberries/strawberries and blackberries
Apple pie in a Bottle – Apple slices and cinnamon sticks
Pina Hold the Colada – Pineapple slices and raspberries
Berry Minty – Strawberries, fresh mint, raspberries
Spalicous – Cucumber slices

As you can see, the sky's the limit.

From all of us at H2T, wishing you all a very Healthy and Happy New Year! Cheers ... I’ll drink to that! Until next time, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.

About the Author: Sue Forberg is the Director at H2T Elite Dryland Training Inc. H2T is a multi-faceted state of the art dryland facility specializing in children the ages 5-16. A gym for kids you say... absolutely. Their primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for young people through exercise and proper nutrition. H2T has created a fun age appropriate dryland program that gives every child what he/she needs from a developmental standpoint. Find out more at www.H2Tdryland.com.

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