Looking Glass Adventures

Looking Glass Adventures is a family friendly live action escape room game. It is parent run and kid approved!

The Toronto attraction was inspired by Christine Hibbard, a parent to 3 kids and escape room enthusiast. After playing a number of escape rooms, Christine wanted to bring her kids out to share in the fun. She quickly discovered that there really wasn't anything available or affordable for families and kids. It was this inspiration that lead her to build her own venue.

Looking Glass was built for families with kids in mind. It has now been open for close to 2 years and continues to be one of the city's best and unique games attraction. This latest craze in family entertainment challenges all groups; hints, tips and tricks are completely customized to the level of everyone in attendance. 

The game starts with an important message that a family member has left for you. Your Uncle calls with a frantic message. You must go down to his old office to find something important. The details are vague but judging by his tone, it's urgent. As you find clues and solve puzzles, you'll feel transported to a new time and place. Suddenly, you're immersed in a story, focusing to solve your way to the end of the mystery. 

Looking Glass hosts a variety of events from corporate team building to birthdays and celebrations. Day and evening bookings are available and run all through March Break. Children's prices are $15 each, youth/students $20 each and adults are just $25. The attraction can accommodate a group from 3-12 players, and it's recommended that you have least 4 adults in the room.

If you're interested in hosting a birthday party, Looking Glass can customize a special party to suit your group, and can also arrange a party room. For party details, call 416-768-7894.

Looking Glass Adventures is one of Toronto's best kept secret. It is highly reviewed and rated as one of Toronto's best escape rooms. What makes Looking Glass so special? You'll have to plan a visit and find out for yourself! Visit their website to read reviews, check out the story of the game or view their booking calendar. To reserve your adventure, visit www.lookingglassadventures.com.

Find out more about new upcoming games, as well as a new location opening soon!

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