Exercising Your Left & Right Brain With Photography!

We all know that kids have no problem when it comes to being imaginative and creative. But what’s a great way to cultivate all the imagination and encourage creativity? How about photography!

Photography is an exercise tool for your brain 

In summary, the right side of your brain deals with functions such as art awareness, creativity, insight, intuition and imagination, while the left side helps with logical thought, analytics, reasoning, math, and language. Learning photography can be a fantastic way to exercise both sides of your brain. 

The use of our left-brain is needed to set technical parameters (such as ISO, shutter speed and aperture) and analyzing the changes needed through various meters, and colour charts. On the other hand, the right-brain is used for various creative aspects of photography such as composition, angles, breaking traditional rules of photography and more! Simply put, when you are taking photos, both sides of your brain are very active!

Creativity is great for growth!

There is no doubt cultivating creativity is important as it really helps exercise the brain, an aspect that’s very important for our young ones! Adobe released a study called “State of Create: 2016,” which highlighted importance of creativity on us economically and socially! In 70% of people surveyed, they believed that creativity is valuable towards society, along with 64% stating it was valuable for the economy, and 70% believe that people become better students, workers, leaders and parents! On top of that, creativity pays! Based on household incomes of the people surveyed, creators (people who describe themselves as “someone who creates”) earned about 13% more than non-creators.

All in all, encouraging creativity through activities that challenge it are important for maintaining a healthy balance between your left and right brain. Through learning photography, kids are able to give their brain an amazing workout while being physically active as they explore different places when taking photos.

About the Author: Ana Belic is the Director/Founder at GTA Photography Classes. They have a wide range of programs for Kids (8-12) and Teens (13-18)! Since GTA Photography started in 2009, they have taught over 10,000 students and you may of even seen them on TV as mentors, and judges, on CBC Kids’ photography-themed reality show (debuted in Fall 2016 and is still airing). Find out more about their summer camps in Toronto at: www.gtaphotographyclasses.com.

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