VTech Announces Four PTPA Winners for 2017

Four new products join the long list of VTech® winners of the PTPA Seal of Approval

 VTech® is pleased to announce that four 2017 products have been awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval. PTPA testing programs are run annually and often help to forecast the hottest toys for the upcoming holiday season.  

The Pop-A-Balls™ Pop & Drop Ball Pit, Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Race & Play Adventure Park, Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, and the new KidiBuzz™ all received the award based on product testing from parents across Canada. The winning VTech products all deliver the educational benefits and innovative blend of traditional and technological play features for which VTech is known.

Suitable for a wide age-range, the toys aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills, understanding actions and consequences and artistic and cognitive abilities. "VTech products are of consistent good quality and are always designed with education and entertainment in mind," says Sharon Vinderine, CEO at PTPA Media. "We are happy to award four 2017 VTech products with the PTPA Seal of Approval."

This year marks the ninth consecutive year that VTech toys were awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval. "We are thrilled that our products once again have earned this seal from PTPA. VTech strives to develop innovative and educational products that both children and parents find valuable beyond playtime," says Gordon Chow, President of VTech Canada.

For more information, visit www.vtechkids.ca.

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