Puro Sound Labs Headphones for Kids Contest

Enter for a chance to win a set of Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones just for kids!

The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones represent the first, and consistently top-ranked studio-grade Bluetooth headphones on the market with volume limiting ear protection made especially for kids. Being exposed to volume levels over 85 decibels (dB) is known to cause hearing loss over time. Puro's unique headphones are designed with a trident of technologies to deliver superior sound, noise isolation and volume limiting to reducing the need for high volume settings and to ensure the listener still gets great sound.

A soft and supple cushioning material and durable lightweight aluminum are used to make the headphones comfortable for young ears and to stand up to everyday use, as well as provide exceptional noise isolation. Their design attenuates over 82% of ambient noise, allowing the wearer to hear more of the music and eliminate the need for higher volume levels. The high-quality Puro Balanced Response curve matches the sound quality of a finely-tuned listening room, with comparatively equal levels of deep bass, midrange and high treble, so that the listener can hear all the sounds of the music without needing to crank up the volume. Finally, the digital signal processor naturally and imperceptibly limits the volume to ensure the listener doesn't even notice the volume limiting. When combined, these features create an audio environment that allows kids to enjoy their music with no need to exceed safe playback levels.

Parents will love them for their great value and hearing health, while kids will love them for their comfort, tangle-free Bluetooth freedom, and great sound.

Contest closed. Winner:

Whitney P. of Toronto

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