Poo-nicorns Launches Web Series and Web Games

Poo-nicorns are making a big STINK with the launch of their Web Series and Web Game from Fun2Play Toys

The adorable Poo-nicorn characters will be gaining some great poo-blicity thanks to the release of a new web series and web game from Fun2Play Toys.

The web series will bring Poo-nicorns to life in an entirely new way,” says Jacqueline Vong, Director of Licensing at Fun2Play Toys. “Viewers will encounter the different personalities of their favorite characters. Poo-nicornicopia began as a line of toys; the web series and game will appeal to both existing fans of the toys and to those who have not yet heard of the brand. We can’t wait to see how people will react.”

The first episode in the web series will be released on Tuesday, October 17th at 12pm EST. Each episode in the series focuses on teaching children an important message about a variety of topics, such as individuality, tolerance and understanding. Children can also travel with the Poo-nicorns in their web series as they visit famous landmarks like the Poo-ramids or Poo York.

"Poo-nicorns are not just cute – they also teach children lessons about how to be the best versions of themselves and how to treat others with respect and consideration,” says Mike Bettiga, COO / CFO of Fun2Play Toys. “We wanted to create a fun and entertaining Poo-niverse to use humor and imagination to help illustrate these important life lessons. We definitely think we’ve succeeded.”  

You can also find Poo-nicorn toys at all major retailers like Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and others now.  

Follow Poo-nicornicopia’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com to see the trailer now and the first episode of the web series when it launches on October 17th.       

You can also check out www.poonicornicopia.com for more about the exciting world of Poo-nicorns!

About Fun2Play Toys:
Fun2Play Toys entered the toy market in 2016 with an aim to deliver wacky and creative products to consumers. The company aims to grow its international presence through a strong focus on speed to market, strong manufacturing ability and reliability in the marketplace. With offices in the United States and Hong Kong, Fun2Play Toys is positioned to increase its existing success in the consumer toy industry. 

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