10 Best Tips for Healthy Eating on Road Trips

You’ll want to stick to these healthy eating tips when road-tripping this Summer!

Road tripping with kids this summer? While it's very easy to eat fast, convenient, unhealthy foods while travelling, don't let the fun of a road trip get in the way of your healthy eating goals. Try these tips for a road trip that's all about healthy eating.

1Pack a Survival Kit
Packing a table cloth, cutlery, napkins, paper towels, drinking cups, hand sanitizer, and a can opener. These might prove to be very useful when travelling!

2Shop and Pack Ahead
Go to the grocery to buy what you need for meals and snacks on your trip. Save on prep time by getting snack-size or individual packages that can be tossed into your snack bag or a cooler.

3Pack Healthy Snacks
If you want to pack your own food, here are healthy snack suggestions: apple slices with peanut or nut butter, Hummus with mini carrots or pretzels, guacamole and low-fat tortilla chips, greek yogurt with granola and fruit, yogurt or fruit smoothies, protein shakes, rice cakes, cheese, sandwiches or wraps, veggies and dip, dried fruit, hard boiled eggs, healthy bars, dry cereal, and nuts.

4Invest in an Electric Cooler
Consider the investment! Constructed for travelling, plug-in coolers fit into your vehicle to keep your perishables from spoiling during your road trip.

5Stop at Local Food Stops and Markets
You'll often find roadside kiosks that sell fresh fruit and vegetables, and local produce. Not only will they have amazing flavours but you’ll be supporting local businesses.

6Stop to Eat!
It’s best to make a quick stop to eat at a restaurant, grab food at the grocery store or set up a picnic at a park table instead of eating at the wheel. Take the time to enjoy your meal and renew everyone’s energy by taking this break.

7Make Healthy Snack Purchases
Even if you’re stuck grabbing snacks at a gas station, you can still find healthier options. Think pumpkin seeds, nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars, and soda water.

8Eat Often
Make time for snacks and meals before you get too hungry. You’ll keep up your energy level and feel better throughout the day.

9Order Healthier Options at Restaurants
If you’re dining out on your road trip, make healthier choices. Look for calorie counts on the menu board. Order individual items and skip the ‘meal option’ that include fries and a soda. Opt for veggies, a salad or a baked potato as a side dish instead of fries. Watch portion sizes of anything you order or share with the family. If possible, order kids' meals. Go for lighter salad dressings instead of creamy dressings.

10Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking enough water is vital for staying healthy. Water helps with digestion, fights fatigue and can prevent headaches caused by dehydration. Bring a supply of water bottles or fill re-usable water containers and keep them easily accessible throughout your trip.

Have any other tips for healthy eating on the road? Share below!

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