10 Fun and Cute Gardening Projects for Kids

Garden Centres are opening in Ontario so stock up on seeds and plants! Enlist the help of your kids with these 10 easy garden projects. In the process, they'll learn how to grow and take care of plants. There are also crafts kids can make to pretty up the garden.

Create Mini Greenhouses
Turn your old fast-food plastic containers into indoor greenhouses to start seeds indoors. They'll give your garden the humidity it needs to grow in no time. Then, kids can plant their seedlings in the garden or larger containers. Get instructions from HGTV.

5 Easy Vegetables to Grow with Kids
Gardening is a fun and easy nature adventure to do with kids of any age. Kids love getting messy, muddy and digging around in the earth. Here are tips on starting a vegetable garden and 5 easy vegetables to grow with kids. Get instructions from Run Wild My Child.

Ladybug Painted Rocks
To make these cheery ladybugs, you'll need some patio paint, smooth rocks, and a few other simple materials. These adorable little ladybugs are a great project for kids and they'll embellish any garden. Get instructions from Crafts by Amanda.

Make a Fairy Garden
Fairy Gardens are such a whimsical addition to your outdoor space, and they spark imagination and creativity in kids. Get instructions from My Frugal Adventures.

Upcycled Sandbox Garden
Have an old sandbox you're no longer using? Put it to good use by repurposing it into a fun, kid-friendly garden chock-full of healthy fruits and vegetables they'll love tending to, and then eating. Get instructions from HGTV.

DIY Painted Flower Pots
These DIY painted flower pots are so fun and colourful and would brighten up any patio or outdoor space! Get instructions from Projects with Kids.

Easy Kids Craft: Tin Can Herb Garden
This project not only recycles, it creates new life, and it's a great craft for kids. You'll have fresh herbs all summer long! Get instructions from North Texas Kids.

Easy Painted Fairy Houses for the Garden
These fairy houses are just adorable and they couldn’t be easier to make. Get instructions from Projects with Kids.

Make Your Own Garden Markers
Make your own garden markers using popsicle sticks! This is a fun and easy gardening project for kids. Get instructions from Gluesticks Blog.

Edible Birdhouse
Use seeds and dried fruits to make a tasty birdhouse your feathered friends will visit time and time again. Get instructions from HGTV.

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