10 Fun at Home Activities for When It’s Too Cold to Play Outside

These are the perfect indoor family activities when it's just too cold to be out!

Sometimes it's just too cold to be out and families want to stay inside. Here are 10 things to do indoors to keep the brood busy. These are perfect activities for Family Day Weekend if you choose to stay indoors!

1. Host a Family Game Night
Throw the ultimate game night for your family! Round up your favorite board games, make special snacks, and enjoy a night of friendly competition.

2. Bake Something
Get everyone in the kitchen, and make cookies or cupcakes. Make icing and get the sprinkles out so kids can decorate their treats.

3. Build a Fort
Building a fort will keep kids occupied for hours. Have them run around the house and collect pillows and blankets. Help them build a big fort in the living room where you can all huddle to play games or cards. 

4. Tackle a Puzzle
Choose a puzzle that is a little more challenging for the kids and tackle it as a family! This is a great way to spend an afternoon. 

5. Make Cards
Have any upcoming family birthdays? Break out the craft box and have the kids make cards so you'll have them ready to use when you need them.

6. Have a Popcorn and Family Movie Night
Catch up on the latest family flicks. Between Netflix and Disney's new streaming channel, there's so much to choose from!

7. Have a Family Fitness Workout
Look up videos of a new workout you’ve been meaning to try as a family. Try Zumba, yoga, or any other fitness exercises designed for families.

8. Have a Video Game Marathon
A day stuck inside provides a wonderful opportunity for a video game marathon. Involve the kids to set up gaming competitions.

9. Have a Pyjama Day
Turn your day inside into the ultimate time to do nothing but relax. Get everyone in their most comfortable pajamas, gather some cozy blankets, and round up books or watch TV, while doing some serious lounging in bed.

10. Make a Fancy Dinner
This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy cooking and eating a quality meal so why not make your family a delicious dinner? Set the table with fancy dinnerware and make it like a restaurant outing for a change from the usual.

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