101 Fun Things to do at Home to Get You Through the Summer

You may be running thin on ideas to keep the kids entertained at home. But don't fear ... We've got 101 fantastic boredom busters and activities to get you through the summer!

101 fun things to do with your family this summer...

1. Host a paint night where everyone paints the same picture.

2. Have a Lego building contest. Need inspiration? Legoland Discovery Centres are posting activities and challenges on their Facebook page. Everything is awesome! 

3. Have your kids cook a meal for the family. These recipes from Taste of Home can be made by kids.

4. Make your family’s bucket list of travel destinations to visit in the future.

5. Set up a scavenger hunt with things around the house.

6. Make fun burgers for the kids.

7. Movie night. If you're tearing your hair out by 7pm, share a movie night with the kids.

8. Make fun snacks at home for your Movie Night.

9. Sign the kids up for a Virtual Class or Camp for some summer e-learning.

10. Support your local restaurant and order food for delivery as a treat.

11. Have a themed day. Pirates, princesses, superheroes or cartoon favourites and get into character.

12. Create a family exercise routine to stay fit and work out together.

13. Plan a trivia night.

14. Create a playlist and throw a dance party.

15. Try out new crafts, like these fun Summer Crafts.

16. Organize a talent show.

17. Plan themed-dinners once a week, like a Mexican, Chinese, French or Italian night.

18. Break out the board games, like Monopoly, Clue or Scrabble for game night.

19. July is National Hot Dog Month. Make fun hot-dogs for the kids.

20. Tie-dye some old t-shirts.

21. Kids can have a ton of fun getting soaked and staying cool with these water games.

22. Play video games together.

23. Play “I Spy” with things around the house or outside.

24. Make S'mores.

25. Play a card game like Uno or Solitaire.

26. Create your family tree.

27. Make rock art.

28. Set up an indoor mini-golf course.

29. Build a living room fort, or try a fort made of cardboard.

30. Bust out that karaoke machine and have a sing-off. Don't have a machine? Download a Karaoke App.

31. Have a pizza party. Order out or make your own.

32. Have a family sleepover. Blow up the airbeds and prepare for a lot of giggles and mischief.

33. Create TikTok videos.

34. Dress up and have a fancy candlelit dinner at home.

35. Beat the heat and make no-bake desserts.

36. Have a Teddy Bear's picnic and make these fun foods.

37. Get creative and make jewelry out of household items, like pasta or cereal.

38. Make an isolation scrapbook. Collect memories from the past few months.

39. Learn a new language.

40. Summer is here. Make some fun summer treats for the kids.

41. Finish a 1,000-piece puzzle.

42. July is ice cream month. To celebrate, make your own. It's easier than you think.

43. Have a Spa day and make at home facials for everyone.

44. Make your own doughnuts.

45. Sumo silliness. Put on one of Dad's big shirts and stuff them with pillows for the ultimate protection in your wrestling bout.

46. Have a taco night. Tacos are a surefire kid-pleaser.

47. Go beyond learning in the kitchen and make edible science projects.

48. Build a road indoors for little ones mad about cars. A roll of tape can transform your carpet into a network of roads and junctions. Beep beep!

49. Make fun bread recipes with the kids.

50. Roast marshmallows by the fireplace, over the kitchen stove or in the backyard.

51. Make breakfast in bed.

52. Take an Instagram baking class.

53. If you're having a family movie night, make caramel popcorn.

54. Try Face painting. A firm favourite with little ones — transform them into creatures, superheroes and princesses.

55. Create the ultimate craft table. Cover your dining room table with a roll of craft paper and let the kids go wild.

56. Have a cupcake decorating competition. Buy or make and then let the bake-off commence! 

57. Make Food on a Stick. Have fun with your food and eat it too!

58. Paint a mural on a basement wall.

59. Make your own playdough.

60. Celebrate Bacon Day on August 31 with 10 amazing bacon recipes your kids will love!

62. Need more boredom busters? Try these 10 fun ideas.

63. Chalk drawings — always great fun. Let their imaginations run wild with concrete as their canvas. Get ideas.

64. There won't be any carnivals or fairs this year, but here are 12 ways to get those carnival tastes in your own kitchen!

65. Make your own tattoos or stickers, and art with paintsicles. More ideas.

66. Watch an online music or dance lesson.

67. Celebrate Shark Week. This year, it takes place in August.

68. Stage a puppet show with these 10 cute finger puppets.

69. Take up and practice yoga and meditation.

70. August is National Peach Month! Make something with peaches for some late-Summer inspiration.

71. Have a picnic in your back yard or your living room floor.

72. Play dress up and do makeovers.

73. Go camping in your backyard.

74. Set up an indoor obstacle course.

75. Host a tea party with your kids’ stuffed animals as guests.

76. Make Cool Frozen Treats because nothing beats the heat on a hot Summer day like a delicious frozen dessert!

77. Fly a kite. Have a go at making your own kite and try and fly it in your backyard.

78. Stream an online drawing session for kids, like Mo Willems Lunch Doodles or Disney’s learn to draw characters.

79. Take out instruments and plan an at-home concert.

80. Make these fun and easy Popsicle Art projects.

81. Listen to a new podcast.

82. Grab a box of Oreos and make some fun desserts.

83. Have an at-home potluck dinner and every family member makes a dish.

84. Paint plant pots or try another fun gardening project with the kids.

85. Start an online book club.

86. Make something for the family with fresh strawberries.

87. Pretend you’re at the theatre and stream a family play online.

88. Make Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes to stay hydrated all summer long.

89. Build things with your Amazon cardboard boxes.

90. Make your own masks with the kids. Find a no-sew option here.

91. Teach your kids to play checkers or chess.

92. Make your own bubble solution and wands. You can even make coloured bubbles.

93. Make a house of cards. Here's how.

94. Start a paper mâché project. Make a pinata for when kids can have parties again.

95. Make science experiments.

96. Make the best ice cream floats.

97. Learn how to juggle. Here's how.

98. Make some fun nail art. Mani-pedis for everyone!

99. Make fruity summer slime. Here are recipes to get you started.

100. Make these beautiful Unicorn Crafts for Kids.

101. Make bird feeders out of recycled plastic food containers and place them in your garden.

Happy Summer!

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