12 Essential Items Kids Need For Remote Learning

Will your kids be learning online this year? As parents prepare their kids for remote learning, your school supply list will look a little different this year. Skip the back-to-school wardrobe shopping and instead, purchase some new tech accessories and organization tools. We’ve assembled a list to help set up your child’s at-home learning space before school starts.

1. A dedicated workspace with a desk and swivel chair, so kids have a designated spot to work from.

2. A lap desk for times when they need to work elsewhere or if you don't have a desk space.

3. A printer/scanner. For when teachers ask you to print or scan your child’s work.

4. A desk organizer to keep all those school supplies in one place.

5. A tablet or laptop stand to help prevent slouching and neck pain. If you have younger kids, a tablet stand will help them focus on their learning apps.

6. Noise-cancelling headsets so kids can stay focused in Zoom meetings or listen to study music.

7. A mouse, in case they get tired of using the laptop mousepad or touchscreen. A mouse will make navigating a device a little bit easier.

8. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses. These kids' computer glasses can protect their eyes from harmful blue light.

9. Dry Erase Board with Markers. Dry erase boards can help students practice handwriting in a way that can’t be done on screen. Plus, it’s a faster way for students to show their work or work out math problems.

10. A timer. You can use an old fashioned egg timer, set a timer with Alexa, or use your electronic device to set a timer. Using a timer is a helpful way to show kids how much time they have left for each task. This can help discourage procrastination and encourage children to stay focused on the task at hand.

11. An Agenda or Planner paper or electronic. To stay on top of all assignments, projects and exams.

12. Traditional Supplies. It’s not all about digital learning! Don’t forget to stock up on a few of the traditional school supply items (paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.) that you will still need at home, as well as art supplies for some creative release.

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