A Magical Concert For Kids Stuck at Home Presented by Friendly Fables

Friendly Fables, the family-based children's company from Ontario, has created and released a children's concert movie (completely by upholding to Social distancing rules!) The new movie also utilizes concert footage shot back in March, just before public venues closed due to COVID-19.

Friendly Fables is best known for its children's book series and live performances in schools, which took place two to four times a week until the pandemic hit and schools were shut down. A Magical Concert For Kids is their latest creative release, to entertain children at home.

This one-hour movie/concert is available online and is free.

Official Trailer:

A Magical Concert For Kids Stuck at Home:  

Creator Alexis Alexander started Friendly Fables in 2017 when his newborn son required ongoing medical attention from Sick Kids Hospital. Alexis quit his corporate marketing job and stayed home to provide extra care to his family and used his extra time to write children's books. Since 2017, Alexis has written 12 children's books, and released a children's Rap album (that went to number 1 on iTunes in November 2019.)

Find out more at www.friendlyfables.com.

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