A Positive and Healthy Family To-Do List for 2020

The turning of the calendar can be a prime time to focus on forming new good habits.

The new year is the perfect opportunity to take a little personal inventory and pinpoint a few areas to brush up on. Some people like resolutions, while others prefer setting goals or intentions – you may also look at it as making your family's to-do list for 2020! It can be fun and it's sure to benefit your entire household.

12 healthy to-dos for the entire family to shape your new year...

Whether it's phones, video games or TV, we spend far too much time in front of electronics. Make a pledge to unplug and spend more time reading, playing outdoors or playing board games.

Eat Healthy
Eating healthy meals as a family along with good eating habits can positively shape your kids' relationship with food. Use a meal planner to come up with healthy meals, and try sneaking in more veggies. Involving kids in the kitchen can make them more interested and adventurous at mealtime. Drink more water and limit soda and fruit drinks.

Live Green
Living 'green' is good for the planet and your family! Make sure you're recycling everything you can. Reduce your use of single-serving plastics and plastic packaging, shop with recyclable bags for produce and shopping, reduce food waste and start composting, make crafts from recycled objects, walk and bike instead of driving when possible, and support companies that make the environment a top priority.

Read as a Family
Make this the year to become bookworms! Take regular trips to your public library and encourage kids to keep a reading chart or book diary to rate and summarize what they read. Create a book nook in your home or start a family book club!

We all know how easily resolutions to exercise can quickly fade within a few wintery weeks. Make fitness fun and easy by doing family activities that will get you moving. Go for after dinner walks, go sledding, or schedule a weekly family sports night (think rock-climbing or trampoline jumping).

Volunteer as a Family
Make a plan to help out in your neighbourhood by volunteering, helping community groups or by joining an organization that aids others in need.

Have Everyone Help with Chores
Having a system in place for household chores spreads out the work! Keep a chore jar for kids to pick which chore they'll do each week, such as taking out the trash or folding the laundry. Or create a weekly family chore chart to help everyone stay on task.

Start a Family Game Night
Having a regular family game night is a great tradition to strengthen the family unit. It guarantees time to connect with each other and builds memories. Plus, games are just plain fun!

Go on More Family Adventures
Give more thought as to how you want to spend your family downtime. Weekends, evenings and vacations can be opportunities for adventure, but we often lose them in front of the TV because we don't plan. Make that bucket list of the fun you want to have as a family — then get those ideas in your calendar.

Be Kind to Others
We can all use a little more kindness! Regularly remind your kids to 'practice kindness,' whether at home, at school, or playing with others. Keep in mind that kids often learn how to be kind by watching their parents' actions, so lead by example.

Get your Sleep
Sleep is a valuable part of everyday health and we all need it to stay healthy and productive. Make sleep a priority by setting new family sleep rules and breaking 'tired' old habits for you and your kids. This will help to create a happier and more peaceful home environment. Establish a regular bedtime for all family members – and stick to it!

Save Money
Start the year off right by managing your finances and saving money every way you can. Stick to a budget, and teach your teens and younger children how to manage money, too. Establishing good financial habits and goals with your kids will make them better with their money down the road.

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