Spirit of Math Schools Launches First iPad App

Spirit of Math Schools® has launched an iPad app – Spirit of Math Drills, which aims to “take the fear out of math in 5 minutes a day.”

“This is a big milestone for us,” says Kim Langen, CEO and founder of the acclaimed after-school program. “Thousands have students have benefited from these drills over the last 25 years… in paper and pencil. Now we’re able to offer it to hundreds of thousands – even millions of people via our Drill app.”

The announcement comes on the heels of a McLean’s Magazine article - Why is it your job to teach your kid math? - in which Langen was interviewed. The article highlights major issues in today’s education system, specifically the methods used to teach mathematics, “where teachers can’t understand textbooks, students can’t understand teachers, and parents and children have no idea what the other is talking about.”

“It’s a serious problem,” says Langen. “Kids are not learning their number facts. They are getting through school without knowing multiplication facts; some have never even encountered division. Yet with just 5-minutes of properly structured drills per day, students master their math facts and then, because they’re not bogged down in calculations, they can handle high-level conceptual work.”

The Spirit of Math Drills app offers:

· 5 drill-types, up to 6 difficulty levels per type, and unlimited drills;
· Multi-user capabilities - the whole family can practice drills on the same device;
· Multiple keypad options;
· Progress chart – enabling users to watch their scores and times improve;
· Fun, comprehensive interface.

The Spirit of Math Drills app is available on the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

For additional information about the Spirit of Math Drills app, including screenshots, a demo video, and more, please visit www.spiritofmathapps.com.

About Spirit of Math:
Spirit of Math Schools is Canada’s largest after school enrichment program exclusively for high performing students in grades 1 to 11. It is not a tutoring program, but a program developed to challenge students with an 80% or higher average. Students attend a 1 1/2 hour class each week taught by university educated, professional teachers throughout the regular school year. Spirit of Math students and alumni have achieved outstanding results. They consistently dominate the national mathematics honour rolls of Canada and have earned scholarships to the top Universities including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and Waterloo. For more info, visit: www.spiritofmath.com.

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