'The' Bucket List for Kids

What would be on your list of things to do before your children aren't children anymore? While it's impossible to seize every moment, there are some experiences with kids that are worth celebrating. After all, they only have one childhood... Make the most of it! Here are 100 must-trys we think kids should do before the age of 18, including some great submission from some of our readers.

1. Volunteer work. I encourage my children to walk with me for charity whenever possible and as they grow older I want them to learn the valuable lesson of giving to the less fortunate. Stephanie P., Mississauga 

2. Learn yoga and meditation. It's such a great tool to calm the mind and teaches great skills for life!

3. Kids should try visiting a 3rd world country as part of an aide work. This would allow them to see how truly fortunate we are to be citizens of this great country, and to have a greater compassion for those less fortunate. Shawn B., Caledonia

4. Learn how to sew or do some small mending.

5. Spend a day or two in the profession they think they might like to do for a good part of their lives - hopefully it'll give them a more solid understanding of what really goes on before they potentially waste much time and money on an education for it. Discover what they would love to do. Barb M., Guelph

6. Correspond with a pen pal from another country.

7. Kids should definitely try driving a car, before they turn 18! Michael K., Toronto

8. Learn to play an instrument.

9. Kids should try water and snow skiing befre they turn 18. And karaoke, and sewing, and running a 5 km race, and baking, and skidooing, and cooking a turkey, and fishing, and a banana split, and riding a scooter, and.... They should try everything they can. Cindy C., Ottawa

10. Care for a pet.

11. I think all kids should experience camp, whether its a stay over or day camp. I believe it's a great experience for kids and tons of fun! Susan S., Willow Beach

12. Go to a baseball game.

13. Have a camping adventure old school style... simply a tent and sleeping bags, enjoying nature and the great outdoors, family bonding time, and a good ole bonfire with some roasted marshmallows and wieners. I think EVERY child should get to experience this even if you live in the city. Tamara H., Scarborough

14. Play a childhood game such a Kick-the-Can, Hide-and-Seek, Red Rover, or Hopscotch.

15. I think any kid before they are 18 should try to dirt bike. Our son was 3 when he started. He new how to ride a dirt bike before he did a bike... LOL! So much fun for the whole family. Valary, Port Dover

16. See a classic movie such as Gone With the Wind or Doctor Zhivago.

17. The one thing a child should try before turning 18 is to try another language and travel. Sarah P., Uxbridge

18. Gain an appreciate for the arts. Sign up for art classes and visit an art gallery.

19. See a broadway show. Our daughter saw the Lion King when it played in Toronto and she has now developed a love for the Theatre. Nancy S., Toronto

20. Visit a Science Centre. It may inspire them to be a doctor, engineer, or astronaut.

21. Before a person turns 18, I hope they experience live concerts or a show. From culture to monster jam and everything in between. There is just nothing like being there, feeling the crowds excitement! Jodie O.

22. See fireworks or a parade.

23. I would have to say they at least need to go to either a monster truck show, or a race car show. It is a lot of fun and it really gets the adrenaline going. It's really exciting and you just never know what will happen! That, or actually go and drive one. Tiffany J.

24. Go on an African Safari.

25. All kids should learn to scuba dive before the age of 18. Jocelyne A., Grimsby

26. Jump into a Great Lake.

27. Every kid should visit the CN Tower before they turn 18. Sharlene H., Toronto

28. Every child should learn how to let go of something they no longer need; clothes or toys they've outgrown. Learn to recyle or donate. Julie B., Mississauga

29. Learn how to give and receive constuctive criticism.

30. One thing that I think kids should try before they turn 18 is go to a circus with their parents. Helen S., York

31. Build a tree fort.

32. Kids should learn to do a daredevil stunt or something that teaches them to take risks and overcome fears such as skydiving, ziplining, or bungee jumping. Loreen M., Toronto

33. Take the train across Canada and explore the beauty of our country.

34. Every kid should try skateboarding before they turn 18. Mary G., Toronto

35. Explore a cave.

36. I think every child should travel without their parentals before they turn 18. It teaches them to be responsible and it is a great start to learning to be independent. Rose N., Ajax

37. Plant something and watch it grow.

38. One thing I think kids should try before they are 18 is to plan and prepare a week of family meals. This will prepare them for when they leave home and have to fend for themselves! Beth H., Oakville

39. Go to a rock concert.

40. Kids should try snowboarding before they turn 18. As you age more fear kicks in and you are less likely to try new things. Brandy B., Mississauga

41. See a ballet.

42. The one thing every kid should try before they are 18 is going to a nursing home and making a 98 year old smile! It is amazing what a child can do to brighten an elderly person's day. Sarah B., Binbrook

43. Go to the opera.

44. Every child before they reach 18, should learn the value of money. Nicole F., Toronto

45. Meet a celebrity and get their autograph.

46. The one thing kids should try before reaching the age 18 is seeing the world with their parents to gain cultural exposure into the strengths, beauty, and differences that exist far beyond our front door. Kyle D.

47. Work very hard to earn money to buy something they love... like a first bike.

48. Visit a farm and learn how to milk a cow.

49. The one thing that every kid should experience before they are 18 is a family road trip. There is nothing like a long road trip with your family in the vehicle to build memories of laughing together, fun roadside stops and time spent together. Wendy P., Keswick

50. Spend a day at work with mom or dad.

51. I think kids should try mastering a second lanuage before they turn 18. Cherrise F., Belleville

52. Do something crazy like dye their hair pink or get a haircut they want.

53. Kids should develop and run their own micro business for 6 months, either solo or with a few same-aged friends. Diana N.

54. Watch the sun rise.

55. Join a class/extra curricular activity that they've always wanted to do and never did. Sandra O., Mississauga

56. Beat on a drum.

57. Go to Disney World! Shari K., Maple

58. Ride a roller-coaster.

59. Go ballroom dancing. My daughters just recently took a class and they loved it! Julie B., Markham

60. Go fishing.

61. Take a bike tour - in your neighbourhood, along the shoreline or through the city. Jack E., Toronto

62. Go on a cruise or boat trip.

63. Every child should try a team sport before age 18. Mike L., Brampton

64. Go to a sleepover.

65. Have a part-time job before the age of 18. Lorena H., Mississauga

66. Climb a tree.

67. Every child should try public speaking in front of a large crowd. Lisa A., Oshawa

68. Go roller-skating.

69. Learn how to tie a tie (essential for boys and handy for girls!). Kim B., Toronto

70. Row a boat.

71. Experienve an power outage complete with candlelit board games, flashlights, and spooky stories. Pamela T., Toronto

72. Experience foods from every ethnicity.

73. All kids should experience failure. It's how you learn to do better and what success is all about. Michael S., Richmond Hill

74. Learn to play golf.

75. Serious mud play, every kid needs to know what it's like to be completly covered in mud. (Not just for kids, adults should do it too!) Tara M., Tottenham

76. Ride a horse.

77. Every child should go the Canadian National Exhibition and enjoy the time honoured traditions of the 2 week festival, enjoy the rides, food, shows. Shazeela N., Mississauga

78. Learn to ski.

79. Learn how to do their own laundry. Lorena H., Mississauga

80. Fly a kite.

81. To go on an airplane. I remember when my son was five, it was the most exciting time. Merredy M., Scarborough.

82. Sell lemonade to neighbours.

83. Experience a first kiss. Andrea M., St. Catharines

84. Grow a vegetable garden.

85. Every child should experience a bonfire and roasting marshmallows. Eric H., Toronto

86. Put on a puppet show.

87. Children should create a family tree and trace their family roots. It's important to find out their family's history! Nancy H., Mississauga

88. Put on a magic show.

89. Kids should go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt to experience and explore nature first-hand. Kids spend way too much time indoors! Karen M., Toronto

90. Draw with chalk on a sidewalk or wall.

91. Have a good old fashion water balloon fight! Lindsay F., Toronto

92. Experience the ocean.

93. Take the kids to a drive-in theater. You haven't experienced a fun night at the movies until you've piled your family in a car and watched a flick under the moonlight! Lauren D., Toronto

94. Make caramel apples.

95. Go on a picnic in the park. Julie F., Oshawa

96. Keep a journal or diary.

97. Send a handwritten note to friends, family and loved ones. Kids are forgetting the art of hand-writing! Laura P., Brampton

98. Build a sand castle.

99. Teach them to surf! John F., Toronto

100. Visit an island.

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