5 Activities for Kids on Earth Day

Earth Day is held annually on April 22. Kids can celebrate Earth Day by learning about how to save the planet and protect the environment. Here are 5 activities to get started...  

1. Recycle Materials for Art
Save items like egg cartons, cereal and food boxes, and newspapers (for paper mache) for your craft projects at home or school. Ask your parents to buy eco-friendly craft glues and paints.

2. Start a Green Project
Clean up your local park with the help of your friends, neighbours, and family. Donate an afternoon to pick up litter and make your park a great place to play for kids.

3. Plant a Tree or Garden
Plant a tree, shrub, or start your own garden. 

3. Organize a Swap
Recycle old toys, clothes, and household by organizing a swap at your home, school, or community centre where everyone can trade their used items.  

4. Bike or Walk to School
Ask your parents if you can bike or walk to school (as long as it's safe) a few days a week instead of taking the bus or having them drive you. Set up a buddy system so you have a group walking together.

5. Get your Family to Recycle
Teach the entire family the importance of recycling by learning about the types of materials that can be put in the recycle box. Collect glass, plastics, cardboard, paper, and tin items for recycling.

For more inspiring ideas, visit the EcoKids Canada website - an interactive environmental web site for children and their families. It offers topical information about the environment through interactive, fun, educational games, and activities that utilize participants' willingness to learn. 

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