With April Comes Spring Showers!

With Spring comes rain, and rain means kids are cooped up inside. Here are a few fun ideas to do to keep kids busy on "wet" days! Make the day a special one, and your kids will never dread another rainy day again.

Board Games - Play a board game with the entire family.

Cards - Play traditional games or invent new games for the kids!

Cooking - Let the kids take over the kitchen and help you cook a pizza or some cookies. Surf the net for kid-friendly recipes. Just make sure they remember that part of cooking is cleaning up!

Crafts - Pull out all your craft supplies and let the kids get creative. Here are some great Spring crafts.

Magic - Have a magic show and get the kids try out some new magic tricks on you! Host your own magic show...

Makeovers - Take out the curlers, the make-up, the nail polish, and give the girls a makeover!

Mural - Chose a wall in the basement and have the entire family paint a mural. This will create a life-time memory. Take photos or videotape as you create your work of art.

Photo Albums - Whether it's looking at old photo albums or adding new pictures to one, kids like to help out and get involved. With all the scrapbooking supplies available today, kids can burn a lot of energy and time making their own photo albums.

Puppet Show - Grab some old socks or brown lunch paper bags, markers, and maybe a button or two for eyes and nose. Use some yarn for the hair. You are now ready to plan out your show. Kids can play the part of the puppets they created. 

Talent Show - The entire family can participate. You could sing a song, play an instrument, dance, or do some other special talent for everyone. You might even want to award some special prizes you collected in advance, and make sure that everyone gets a prize.

Have a Picnic - Have a picnic or camp out on the living room floor. Kids can gather blankets and pillows. If you have a fireplace, roast hot dogs, and marshmallows. 

Make Science - Kids love science so why not create a simple science project with them. Visit this website for all kinds of experiments.

And best of all, go for a walk in the rain! If the weather is only wet there is no thunder or lightning, let the kids take a walk out in the rain. Take an umbrella, or just go out in your rubber boots and enjoy dashing through all the puddles you encounter!

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