Maplelea Girls & Friends

Maplelea™ is a distinctively Canadian play experience featuring a collection of premium play dolls that celebrate our country's spirit and identity. The Maplelea line blends traditional toys with interactive literature and contemporary role models to provide girls with wholesome, imaginative, and educational entertainment.

Childhood is short enough, and girls should be able to savour every moment of it. Maplelea promotes the simplicities of girlhood and offers gentle learning and life lessons. Maplelea dolls are to be played with today and treasured forever.

The Maplelea line of 'Canadian girls' consists of Maplelea Girls and Maplelea Friends, 18" vinyl dolls with soft, huggable bodies, poseable arms and legs, eyes that open and close, and a wide range of hair, skin, and eye colours. Each Maplelea Girl has a uniquely Canadian story to tell. Each Maplelea Friend helps you create your own Canadian story.

Maplelea Girls

The Maplelea Girls™ are from six different regions of Canada: the Rockies, rural prairies, urban Ontario, the Maritimes, Quebec, and northern Canada. Each character has a distinctive personality, strong values, and empowering stories to tell. Although these characters celebrate a variety of lifestyles, activities, and interests, they all share a special spirit and imagination, a sense of adventure, and a satisfaction with being just who they are at this time of their lives.

Maplelea Friends

The Maplelea Friends series consists of 12 dolls with a wide range of hair, skin, and eye colours to choose from. Maplelea Friends come with their own expandable journal, allowing girls to create their dolls own story, personality traits, interests, and hobbies. Girls can choose a doll that is just right for them and then, using the story journal, create their own unique Canadian girl doll. Maplelea Friends offer imaginative play while encouraging girls to learn about her country’s heritage, culture, and geography.

Each Maplelea Friends doll comes with her own:

• Outfit – a graphic t-shirt, purple corduroy skirt, striped leggings, and shoes with cut-out maple leaf detailing.
• Fill-in journal – a six-ring expandable story journal where girls can record their own family history or create imaginative adventures for their dolls.
• Keepsake box – a sturdy keepsake box that can be used for play or doll accessory storage.

A large range of outfits and accessories are available to help complement and personalize your doll and the story you create. Available sets include karate, ballet, tap dance, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, tennis, various pets, eyeglasses, sportswear, safety helmet, dressy and casual outfits, Winter-wear, and more. There are even matching pajamas and t-shirts for dolls and girls.

Alexi hails from the Cabbagetown area of Canada's largest city, Toronto.

The 'Maplelea Girls' character Alexi hails from the Cabbagetown area of Canada's largest city, Toronto, where she lives with her mother, father, and Bengal cat. Alexi loves reading mysteries, life in a big city, and anything orange, her favourite colour. She is a digital whiz who wants to be a famous inventor of things that will make life easier for people with different abilities. She plays the piano and takes gymnastics.

All Maplelea dolls and accessories are designed in Canada and tested for International and Canadian safety standards. Maplelea Girls and Maplelea Friends are for children 6 to 12+ years of age and are available for $99.99, only at

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