50 Things to Do When it Rains

We asked our readers to share their best ideas for indoor rainy day activities and here's what they had to offer. Keep kids occupied through all those cold and rainy days when everyone is trapped inside with these fun things to do!

1. Play board games
2. Cuddle up with a big pile of books and read stories
3. Bake
4. Build a LEGO village
5. Play indoor basketball or soccer
6. Take out the Play-Doh
7. Play video games
8. Have a dance party
9. Decorate cookies or cupcakes
10. Take digital pictures and make a slideshow
11. Make a cardboard box puppet theater
12. Paint flower pots
13. Play Wii Fit
14. Make bird feeders out of recycled plastic food containers
15. Have an indoor camp out with sleeping bags, a tent, board games, and S'mores
16. Make origami
17. Play pretend kitchen
18. Do science experiments
19. Paint
20. Teach your kids to play checkers or chess
21. Make popcorn and watch movies
22. Make window decals or stained glass
23. Bring out all the toys you never play with
24. Fill the sink with soapy water and play with bubbles
25. Make a house of cards
26. Play dress up
27. Do puzzles
28. Organize photo albums
29. Make shaving cream sculptures in the sink
30. Play Go Fish
31. Break open the craft box
32. Cook dinner together
33. Play 21 questions
34. Get out the playing cards 
35. Draw pictures
36. Play charades
37. Have a cleaning/organizing party
38. Do some face painting
39. Make friendship bracelets
40. Play musical chairs
41. Play Simon Says
42. Play Karaoke
43. Start a paper maché project
44. Organize a treasure hunt
45. Set up an obstacle course
46. Start to learn a foreign language
47. Make a scrapbook
48. Do some yoga
49. Play Name that Tune
50. Have a mini spa day and give everyone homemade facials

Did we miss any other indoor rainy day fun activities? Post them below!

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