Nutella Sweets at Tim Hortons

Breakfast just got a whole lot better at Tim Hortons! Nutella® loving kids (and grownups) will be pleased to hear that Tim Hortons has just launched some sweet treats, but only for a limited time.

The 3 new items on Timmie's menu include:

Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella® - Filled with creamy, rich Nutella® and topped with roasted chopped hazelnuts.

Pastry Pockets Filled with Nutella® -  A flaky pastry stuffed with delicious Nutella®.

Bagel with Nutella® Spread - Make a Timmie's bagels even yummier with the unique taste of Nutella®.

But you'll need to hurry to try this ooey gooey goodness... The Nutella donut, pastries, and bagel spread will only be available from April 15 to June 9.

Find out more at:

Photo credit: Tim Hortons
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