Countdown to Camp

Camp Season is just around the corner! First time at camp? Find out what to pack and how to best prepare your kids for this fun and exciting adventure!

1. Review the list of activities and events to help your child understand anything he or she is unsure about. Show enthusiasm for all the fun things they’ll be doing and all of the new friends they will make.

2. Review the camp rules so that your child fully understands their responsibilities while they attend camp.

3. Set the tone for a positive camp experience by sharing your own memories of Summer camp and focusing on all the wonderful new experiences your child is about to have.

4. Try some of the activities ahead of time. If your child has never gone rock climbing, take him out yourself so he can experience it before camp, building his confidence. Some camps offer pre-season activities or a weekend stint for future campers so register your child.

5. Look up camp songs together and teach her some lyrics so she will be ready for campfire sing-a-longs.

6. Pack a special surprise in your child’s bags. This could be a small gift, a family photo, a new book to read, or a letter you’ve written to them.

7. Pack wisely. Most camps will provide a packing list of suggested items for that particular camp. Make sure to include comfortable clothing that your child won’t mind getting dirty and sturdy footwear. Don’t forget any medication with dosage instructions. Pack lots of sunscreen. Consider having your child use a small backpack while at camp.

8. Label belongings! Prevent lost or mixed-up belongings by labeling all clothes and equipment with personalized stick-on labels. Keep a packing list of all items to make sure you haven’t left anything behind at the camp.

9.  Leave expensive items at home. It’s best not to bring any expensive video game consoles that can get lost, stolen or broken. After all, camp is about socializing, making new friends and trying new things. Avoid packing any money or jewellery.

And don't forget to send your child off with lots of excitement!

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