Everblast Birthday Parties

Host your next Birthday Party at Everblast and take fun to the next level!

Love a good birthday party celebration? Host your next Birthday Party at Everblast and take fun to the next level! We're talking about some serious fun! Parties are full of high energy and on the go games for kids. There's no-hassle and no-mess for parents, and parties are completely affordable. You can host at your home or any venue of your choice.

Everblast Parties include the following unique and exciting games and activities...

Electro-Tag is the ONLY non-gun, laser tag system that comes to you! Outfitted with super high-tech Electro-Gloves, Electro-Vests and superhero capes, your kids will have a blast! Electro-Tag includes individual Free-For-All challenges as well as intense team games like Electro-Capture-The-Flag!

Master Blaster
Using giant slingshots, teams try to knock down structures built by their friends to collect the most points! Strategy, skill and teamwork are what separate the GREAT teams from the good teams!

Soccer Supreme
The most amazing soccer experience your guests will ever play! Get ready for soccer action that uses 40" giant soccer balls, cube soccer balls, traditional soccer balls and more! Non-stop and unique soccer action guarantees an experience that is fun and active. Plus, throughout the program, players will be focused on honouring the Everblast Key 3: Respect, Cooperation and Team Spirit!

Games, Games, Games
Think you can play games nonstop? Then Everblast has a challenge for you: Thunder Ball, Power Ball and Gaga Ball and many more! Games are active, fast-paced, and nonstop fun!

The Challenger Program
The Challenger is an interactive and exciting program that will put teams to the test! Split into groups, kids compete in intense team challenges and obstacles that require them to think quick, move fast and have tons of fun.This unique experience is guaranteed to have kids laughing, working together and having a blast! The Challenger is brought to you by Everblast's sister company, Dynamix. www.getdynamix.com

Please even the pickiest kids with these unique, fast-paced team-building activities. Everblast parties are so fun you'll be wishing you were a guest!

Book your next party by calling 647-477-7615 or visit online at www.everblastTO.com.

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