Get Ready for Summer Camp

Sending your child to camp can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s the first time your child will be away. Here's how you can give your child the confidence and independence they need for a successful camp experience.

Camp is FUN!
Campers who do best at camp are the ones that believe that camp will be fun. And let's face it... camp is fun. This is where your child will make the best of friends, learn new things and do the most amazing activities.

Meet the Camp Team + Camp Tours
Some camps arrange for visits before camp starts to connect with campers and meet new potential camp families. These events are an excellent opportunity to meet the directors and staff. You can ask questions and your kids can meet the counselors who will be caring for them during the summer. Simply knowing what to look ahead to is often reassuring. Arrange to take a camp tour.

Do your Research
Check with your camp! Many have parent guides that provide advice specific to their camp about how to prepare for time at camp.

Talk about the Camp
During the months that lead up to camp, take time to talk about what your child might expect. Spend time on the camp’s website, especially if there are photo galleries and videos. Seeing other campers having fun will help your child relate.

Acknowledge Concerns
If your child brings up any fears and asks about homesickness, make sure he or she knows you are listening. Acknowledge their concerns and let them know that feeling homesick is normal. But, reassure them that the camp will be full of people that care about them and will look after them.

The Camp Packing List
Camps will provide you a checklist of what you can and can't bring to camp. Get kids involved in packing, too. Let them stick on labels and toss in a favourite item from home. That way they're familiar with what’s in their bag and can start getting excited for what’s ahead.

Once your child experiences summer camp, they'll soon be counting the days until they can go back...

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