10 Tips to Organise a Community Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun and inexpensive party that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. After being cooped up all winter long, it's a great way to reconnect with neighbours and friends, and watch kids experience the thrill of discovery.

Here are 10 easy tips for organising the best community Easter egg hunt!

1. Find a great space 
This could be someone’s very large yard or a local community garden or park. If it's a public space, inquire about use or permits. A gated space works best so you don't need to worry about the safety of the kids as they roam the grounds. 

2. Set the date well in advance
Start working early with family and friends to find an ideal date for everyone. You may opt to have your event a week before Easter Sunday, so that participants can do family events or other larger events if they wish, and still get to participate in your hunt.

3. Establish rules for contributions
Set out what contributions families will have to make towards the egg hunt. i.e. everyone needs to donate 1 or 2 dozen eggs, etc.

4. Keep allergies in mind
​Ensure that all items donated for the egg hunt are allergen free.  

5. Collecting the eggs
One week before the event, arrange for the collection of eggs. This can be set up through various drop-off centres or one central meet up for everyone. Your can also enlist the help of volunteers to pickup eggs for those who are unable to make drop-offs.

6. Set plenty of time to hide the eggs
Even if you're in a small space, it will take some time to hide hundreds of eggs. Set the hunt up for early afternoon so you and your organisers have plenty of time to hide the eggs.  

7. Set up age groups
Divide your hunt into groups. Let the youngest kids out first so they can find the obvious eggs. They're also usually done hunting in a short time frame. Release the older kids do the real seeking work a short while after the little ones have had their fun. If you are hosting older kids, consider saving a few extra special eggs for them to search for (i.e. Golden Egg filled with money or special prizes). Go over all the instructions with the kids before the hunt starts. Keep it short and simple and encourage the big kids to help the littles.

8. Bring extras
Extra baskets or paper bags on hand are always good for families who may expect them. This is not necessary but it's always nice to include those who may have decided to join in at the last minute. Extra treats are also helpful in case eggs break and treats get lost.

9. Plan for some family fun
Consider hiring an entertainer or character, or rent an Easter Bunny costume, to add to the day's festivities. If parents want to hang out later, turn the event into a potluck party with everyone bringing a little something to share.

10. Save your eggs and supplies
When the hunt is over, the kids can open their eggs, keep all their treasures, and then return the plastic eggs if you plan on making this an annual event. Give them the heads-up during instruction time so they won’t be disappointed when they’re asked to hand back the shells.

Have you organised a community egg hunt? Share your tips below!

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