Spring into Nature at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

Spring is a wondrous time to experience Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. The sights, sounds, and smells swirl around you.

In April and May, nature awakens. Waterfalls are cascading, pussy willows are bursting, trees are budding, birds are nesting. Watch for robins hungrily munching on clusters of frozen sumach seeds. If you’re very quiet, you might catch a glimpse of deer and other woodland animals.

What’s there to do in the early spring? Pick up a Scavenger Hunt map at the main cabin and follow the well-marked trail to the Suspension Bridge as you watch for Scavenger Hunt markers. This enjoyable challenge identifies some of the key locations, lookouts and features of Scenic Caves. Admire the life-size wooden carvings. There are interesting facts to read about at each location.

When you arrive at the Suspension Bridge, stop for moment to marvel at the beauty before you. Survey 10,000 sq. km. of south Georgian Bay through the viewfinder. Test your taste for heights with this daring crossing. Being suspended 82 feet above the forest floor provides the illusion of floating among the old growth forest. 360 degree views surround the suspension bridge and with a chain link fence running its length, no view is obstructed. Selfies are encouraged.

The Suspension Bridge trail is approximately a 45 minute hike, a one kilometer return. If you have very young children, a limited number of baby backpacks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the rugged natural trails, strollers are not permitted.

During May-June, head to the upper woodland trails to view hundreds of elegant pink and white Trilliums. Our mixed sugar maple and beech mature deciduous forest provides a perfect environment for these fragile native wildflowers. You’ll see patches of trilliums surrounding the Thunderbird Twin Zip Line and Lookout Point. Treasure the fresh feeling of spring which they radiate… and remember not to pick or injure them.

Fiddleheads will soon be sprouting and ramps popping. Ramps (wild leeks) have two-three bright green wide flat leaves with a maroon stem and a white bulb. Considered a spring delicacy, the flavour and aroma is a combination of onion and garlic.

At the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment you’ll also see and hear Ravens, a familiar feathered friend of Scenic Caves. Ebony black with a metallic shine of purple/violet in the sun, ravens are fascinating birds. They prefer forested areas and rocky cliffs with expanses of open land nearby for their nesting sites.  The cavern ledges provide the perfect location for raven nests.

According to research, Raven offspring are devoted to their families and stick around for years helping their parents raise siblings in subsequent years. Once mated, they typically nest together for life in the same location. Ravens often create a ruckus on top of “Ekarenniondi” the famous Standing Rock. You can get a good look at them from the Indian Council Chamber rock.

If the spring weather remains cool, the lower trail of caves/caverns/crevasses may not be available for hiking due to the deep unmelted snow and ice. Yet, there’s so much more to explore.

The Children’s Adventure Playground is open year-round and a popular stop between activities or at the end of your visit. Kids can test their strength by scaling a geometric structure comprised of ropes, or challenge their balance as they tread along a miniature suspension bridge.

Weather permitting, additional spring family activities may be available such as: gemstone mining, feed the fish at the trout pond, Rocky the Train and mini-golf. To avoid disappointment during the spring, please give us a call to verify the availability of all activities.

Check out what Mother Nature is up to. Don’t forget to wear hiking/running shoes with good treads and layer up. Bring your camera and binoculars!

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