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Life With Kids

Maintain Routines at Home During COVID-19

How to manage the kids’ schedules while school is closed, and why it's important to maintain a regular routine, especially during these uncertain times.

How to Teach Kids to be Kind Through Cooking

We live in a society where the prevalence of bullying and exclusion is at an all-time high, especially among youth. Here's how cooking can teach kindness to children.

Cooking as a Family in 2019!

Why not make a Family New Year’s Resolution this year to get everyone in the kitchen to help with meal preparation? Learn tips so kids can get in the habit of being involved in the kitchen.

Beat Morning Mayhem!

The secret to surviving morning chaos lies in what gets done the night before!

15 Amazing Goals for Kids for 2017

The start of a new year can be a prime time for children to focus on forming good new habits.

Time to Keep Talking

How do we help our kids through this period and the weeks, months and years ahead?

Best Toy Cleaning Tips

It's time for Spring cleaning! Best tips to help clean your kids' toys.

Finishing Off Circles

Your child can meet that extra-high level of success by finishing off a task right to the end.

Things to do with Kids during Earth Hour

Offer up some fun activities to try during your hour in the dark.

Redefine Family Time in 2016

One thing you should resolve to do this year: spend more quality time as a family. 10 simple and effective things you can do.

January is Family Literacy Month

Find special events held in the city, plus 10 simple things you can do to encourage your kids to read!

Celebrate Your Child's Passion: It's National Hobby Month

Start the year off right by finding a hobby of interest for your child. Hobbies benefit children in so many ways!

Kids and Household Chores

Encouraging your children to do household chores will benefit them in multiple ways. How to get them on board with daily chores.

Kids can Learn on a Family Vacation

Your travels can provide your child with priceless experiences and learning opportunities. Whether you are discovering a new part of the world or taking a simple trip out of town, there is culture all around us.

Making the Cut

Trying out for a new team or dance company can be very intimidating to your child and to us parents too. That little voice in our head and in theirs wonders... do I have what it takes to make it?

Skills Kids Learn at Theatre Camp

Theatre can help kids, both academically and socially by providing them with life-long skills.

Fewer Power Struggles, More Peace

Most parents experience their child’s first attempt at autonomy around the age of two, hence "the terrible two’s." It doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some tips to help you maneuver through the power struggle.

The Importance of Summer Camp

Sending your children to camp is very important, and it's one of the best parenting decisions you will ever make.

Managing Your Child's Time Online

Think your child spends too much time online? Join the club. Whether it’s via a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, more and more kids are devoting more and more of their leisure time to surfing the net.

Replace Praise and Reward

Children need encouragement like a plant needs water. Encouraging children communicates to them that they are loved and are good enough, just the way they are.

Empowering Your Children

Is your child being picked on at school for how he/she looks? Are they overweight, shy and insecure? Do you ask yourself every night "How do I help my child?" How to empower them with the proper skills...

Friendly Skies

March Break's here and you're flying with your kids! Here are a few tips and fun things to do to make the skies friendlier and trouble-proof your trip!

Don’t Let Your Kid Fail the Internet

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the need for parents to let their children fail. his is possibly the best advice a parent can take, except for when it comes to one area—the Internet.

Make Things Better for Your Child

Your child is going through a difficult time. You don’t quite know what’s at the root of her woes, but you do know that you want to do something to help. Help make things better for your child. Here are four ideas.

How to Choose a Summer Camp

Most Summer camps are well into their registration season. Here's how to find the right camp.

Motivating the Resistant Child

Many kids are amazing at finding excuses to get out of participating in any sort physical fitness.

Date Night

No more excuses in 2015. You will have date night! Not sure how to make it happen? Here are some suggestions to make it a reality this year. Kid-friendly venues that will help schedule this special time...

Improve Communication with your Children

Communicating with our children isn’t always easy. Here are some practical tips to help you simplify your language and improve outcomes. The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.

5 Life Skills Learned at Camp

At first glance, Summer camp may seem like it’s all fun. But, studies support that camp is a setting for positive youth development.

Your Child Deserves Summer Camp

Our Kids helps thousands of families find a camp to suit their child’s needs and interests.

Family New Year’s Tech Resolutions

As our lives become more and more digital, it can be challenging to strike a healthy balance between our real and virtual lives. Make some digital resolutions for the coming year.

8 Weapons in the War Against Anger

It’s inevitable; as a parent, you are going to get angry from time to time. Try not to be too hard on yourself as we’ve all experienced it. What you can do though is learn how to manage it.

The Heart of Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is the foundation for all of our parenting courses here at the Parent Education Network. We have seen the techniques work time and time again.

Fall Consignment Sales 2014

Looking for a great deal on kids clothing, toys, books, and gear? Go to a consignment sale. It's a great alternative to garage sales, listing websites, and consignment stores!

Parents' Night Out Services

Time for a date night? There are some great venues that offer Parents' Night Out, where you can drop your kids off and rest assured that not only are they safe and sound, but that they are having a fantastic time.
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