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Keep Kids Busy at the Thanksgiving Table

Gather 'round the kids' Thanksgiving table with fun autumnal crafts and activities designed to keep them busy and entertained during dinner.

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

Get little hands busy as we head into the long weekend. Here are fun Thanksgiving crafts the entire family will have fun making!

Fall Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the season and help your little ones explore nature.

Shark Week Fun

Are you ready for shark week? Shark week takes place from from July 28 to August 4. Here are fun crafts and recipes to help celebrate. Happy Shark Week, everyone!

Fathers Day Cards Kids Can Make

Let the kids show the #1 man in their lives how much he means to them.

10 Cute Finger Puppets to Make

Puppet shows are the cornerstone of imaginative play for small children. 10 finger puppets you can make with your child!

Simple Spring Crafts for Kids

These fun and simple crafts for kids remind us that Winter will soon be gone! Get ready for Spring with these easy and creative projects.

Snow-Inspired Sensory Play

10 indoor snow-inspired sensory play activities. Not all snow play has to happen outdoors!

Cool Winter Crafts

From cute pom pom snowmen to cool ice towers, celebrate Winter with these cool crafts!

Grandparents Day Crafts and Cards to Make

Here's a round-up of fun projects you can make! Because Grandparents deserve gifts for so many reasons.

Summertime Crafts and Activities

Here are fun Summertime crafts and activities for when Summer boredom sets in.

Spring Crafts for Kids

These wonderful and fun Spring, Easter, and Passover crafts will help kids celebrate the season!

Holiday Inspired Crafts

Make Holidays and seasonal celebrations memorable with these cute ideas for homemade fun and easy crafts.

Candy Cane Art

Sweeten your Christmas! Decorate for the holidays with these festive red-and-white ideas inspired by candy canes.

10 Fabulous Summer Rock Crafts

Make these amazing summer crafts out of simple rocks from the back yard!

Popsicle Inspired Art

Keep kids entertained this summer with these fun and easy Popsicle Art projects they can make at home.

What to Do with Leftover Candy

Here are 9 fun and really resourceful things to do with your leftover Halloween candy.

Make Sidewalk Chalk

Here's how you can make a homemade version of this childhood favourite.

Make Your Own Rock Candy

Have fun making rock candy. It's a delicious treat which doubles as a really cool science experiment!

Remembrance Day Crafts for Kids

Our top picks for Remembrance Day craft and activity sites for kids.

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Kids can spend hours playing outside, drawing with chalk on the driveway. They can invent games, play hopscotch and four-square, and of course draw and create silly stories.

Fun with Foam Dough

If you looking to make a colourful, fun sensory play material, make some foam dough. It's a super fun craft made from 3 simple ingredients: shaving foam, corn starch, and food colouring.

Egg Decorating... The Natural Way

What would be Easter without decorating and colouring eggs? Did you know that there are many homemade dyes you can use to decorate your eggs naturally?

Paper Snowflakes

Create a blizzard's worth of (paper) snowflakes! Snowflakes are so pretty and easy to make. Keep kids busy during the dead of Winter by simply using paper and sissors. Here's how!

Fun Sites for Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa

Let your kids get into the spirit of the season with these free activity and craft websites to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Half the fun of gift giving is in the presentation. This year, why not forgo the expensive store-bought wrapping paper and make your own instead! Kids can make gift wrap and tags for the Holidays.

Remembrance Day Crafts for Kids

Remembrance Day crafts are a creative way to include children in the honouring of the sacrifices of members of the armed forces.

Making a Terrarium

Why not make a cool terrarium – a living landscape and miniature garden inside an enclosed glass or plastic container. There's no better way to educate kids about ecosystems than actually making one.

Scrapbooking with Kids

Scrapbooking - it's now one the fastest growing hobbies in North America and one of the hottest trends! Scrapbooking is all about preserving your family memories.

Homemade Clay

Your kids will spend countless hours of fun making fun clay objects and animals. Make sure you have a large assortment of paints so they can decorate their works of art when dry.

Make Your Own Scarecrow

This Fall, have a ball with your kids by making your own scarecrow. Scarecrows are not just for scaring away crows anymore!

 Here are a few ideas to get you started!

10 Fun Ways with a Giant Box!

Remember your disappointment when you purchased that really cool gift for your kids, but all they wanted to do was play with the box? Well you can smile again… here are 10 fun things to do with a giant box!

Homemade Playdough for Kids

This playdough is non-toxic and similar to Tutti-Frutti playdough, which is scented, colorful, and very elastic!
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