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Transform Difficult Homework into an Academic Opportunity

Parents can feel frustrated when their child struggles with homework; however, research shows that not ‘getting’ homework—at first—is a key moment in children’s academic development.

How to Avoid The Dreaded ‘Summer Slide’

Summer vacation offers a welcome escape from homework and non-stop school routine. Yet eight weeks without any reading, writing & arithmetic can negatively impact a young mind.

Learning in English, Living in Another

“Generation 1.5 student” might be uncommon, but the phenomenon is anything but. These students were born in Canada, but do not speak English at home.

On the Education of Children in Ontario Today

What does it mean to “educate” and to be “educated” and how do the curriculum and schools achieve the aim of “educating” youth in Ontario?

Cooking Up Some Fun at Summer Camp

Summer cooking camps are an excellent opportunity for children to get exposure to different foods and cooking methods!

When Your Current School Isn’t Working

If your child isn’t progressing at their current school, it may mean the school doesn’t suit their specific abilities, interests or learning style.

Our Kids Private School Expos Helps Families Choose the Right School

School fairs and expos offer a unique, and uniquely valuable opportunity for parents and students to connect with schools.

Six Questions You Need to Answer When Choosing a School

The most important questions aren't always the ones we think of first.

10 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

Here's how to stop the summer brain drain while making learning a fun part of your everyday routine.

Exercising Your Left & Right Brain With Photography!

Photography is a great way to cultivate all the imagination and encourage creativity.

Concepts for Bright Students

Finding a program with good core material is tough, but essential.

Is Math Only About “Math”?

There is so much more to math – it is not just the content that a child learns.

Finishing Off Circles

Your child can meet that extra-high level of success by finishing off a task right to the end.

The Ultimate LEGO Classroom at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto

The attraction offers 7 different educational workshops, 5 of which are in association with LEGO Education.

January is Family Literacy Month

Find special events held in the city, plus 10 simple things you can do to encourage your kids to read!

SPRK Lightning Lab

SPRK Lightning Lab is a hub for users to create, contribute and learn with Sphero robots.

Improve Your Child’s Work Habits

Let them experience the feeling of solving problems on their own. It promotes confidence and risk taking.

10 Tips for a Successful School Year

Set the stage at home for a successful school year. 10 tips to help your child start the school year off right!

Top 5 Myths About Private Schools

Myth or fact? Private schools are insular places only for the privileged. With help from education experts and industry leaders, we debunk the misconceptions about independent schools.

Keep your Kids in French Immersion

Should you continue with French Immersion or not – that is the question! Some parents are concerned about keeping their children in the French Immersion. Tips to make an informed decision.

Maintain your Child's French this Summer

With the school break fast approaching, some parents are concerned that their children will loose some of their French speaking ability. How to keep your child’s French fluency over the summer months.

The Valuable Skill of Debating

To bring traditional debate into the lives of young people stands to provide an intensified learning experience and it's still one of the most effective ways for students apply their learning.

The Secret to Succeeding in School

According to scientists, there are seven different ways to learn something. Deciphering how your child learns is the first step to helping them to succeed in school, something we as parents all want to do.

The Toronto Private School Expo

The Toronto Private School Expo on October 18th, 2014 will help you find the best private school for your child. Get a prime list of options but also speak to school officials and experts face-to-face.

Adjusting to Private School

Are you worried that your child will have a difficult time transitioning to a private school? You’re not alone. Here’s how the benefits of private school help students adjust to their new environment.

Family Literacy Day

Family Literacy Day is a national initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada. It is held annually on Jan. 27 to raise awareness on the importance of reading and other literacy-related activities as a family.

Age-Appropriate Comic Books

What is the appropriate age for comic books and graphic novels? Ultimately, that is the decision of two parties that should always be in close communication with each other: the parents and teachers.

Help Kids Improve School Grades

If your child struggles in school then it’s likely that any number of tense thoughts plague your mind: Is there something more I can do as a parent? Is there some kind of serious intervention that’s needed?

Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

You want to give your child the best but you also have income constraints to think of. So how do you choose between private schools versus public schools? How do you decide if private education is really worth it?

10 Reasons to Read Comic Books

The truth remains: they are a powerful and useful genre for the development of a student’s capacity to comprehend and analyze literature, while dramatically improving their proficiency in Language Arts.

Eco Classrooms Embrace the Future

A well-rounded education these days includes environmental responsibility.

Understanding Learning Needs

Here's a look at how to get insight into your child’s learning style and how to put it to work!

A Good Homework Environment

Simple ways to help your kids manage homework without a struggle.

Beyond the Comic Book then Back

There is something inherent in being able to hold a book and immediately go back to verify the information of text on previous pages. Whether this occurs with the traditional printed text or in digital format is currently under some debate.

Homework Tips for Parents and Kids

Today's families are busier than ever. Developing good study habits early on will help students shine in school and balance their daily activities.
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