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Teens & Tweens

Are Online Friendships Good?

Research shows there are benefits to making online friends for teens.

Judgment Call

Most teens will behave in irrational and contradictory ways. The good news is that there’s a reason for this.

Making Time with your Teens Count

It's normal for your teens to want to start spending more time away from you. Make the time you do spend with them count.

Teen Privacy

Do teens deserve privacy when it comes to technology use? This question cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." The infographic below includes some statistics and advice about this not-so-black-and-white issue.

Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone addiction can affect anyone who uses a smartphone, from teens to adults. This infographic lists statistics about and signs of smartphone addiction, as well as advice on how to deal with it.

Communicating With Teens

Sometimes it can seem like you and your teenager are in completely different worlds. This disconnect can make healthy communication a real challenge. Here are some practical tips to rebuild your connection.

Kids Using Social Media for Good

While the negatives of social media get the most publicity, there’s a flip side to the coin—social media can be used for good by adults and kids alike. A few ways kids can make the web a better place for us.

Online Popularity and Your Child

Kids have always looked to their peers for validation and self-worth, especially teens and tweens. In today’s social media-obsessed culture, it’s easy for kids to become overly fixated on their online popularity.

Selfie Safety Tips for Teens

Ask the average teen what they think about "selfies" and you’ll likely get a flippant response. The truth is that selfies have become so common that teens often don’t think twice before snapping and sharing.

New Year's Resolutions for Teens

Parents often make resolutions to build positive relationships, save money, stop smoking, or lose weight in the New Year, but what commitments can teens make to improve themselves?

5 Ways Teens Can Give Back

Teens often have a lot of time on their hands over the Holiday break so it's a great time to find ways to get involved in helping others. Take a look at 5 ways your teen can give back to the community.

Too Cool to Trick-or-Treat?

If your tweens seem less excited about Halloween this year, there are ways to involve them in fun activities. Here are ideas to help them continue celebrating...

Teen Car Surfing: A Dangerous Trend

This reckless phenomenon is growing in popularity. It's a thrill-seeking activity that involves a person intentionally riding on the exterior of a moving motor vehicle while another person is driving.

Curbing Cell Phone Use in Teens

Teenagers are now using cell phones anywhere and everywhere they can. This can sometimes come at the expense of education, a good night's sleep and even safety.
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