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Safe Cosmetics for Imaginative Play

Often, young girls use make-up during role playing games. Why you should use chemical free cosmetics.

Eco Classrooms Embrace the Future

A well-rounded education these days includes environmental responsibility.

Green Gifts for Mother's Day!

Make this a memorable Mother's Day by giving mom an eco-friendly gift.

5 Activities for Kids on Earth Day

Earth Day 2013 is on April 22. Kids can celebrate Earth Day by learning about how to save the planet and protect the environment. Here are 5 activities to get started...

Green Your Easter

Don’t overload on chocolate this Easter... Instead, go for a greener Easter! Make this Easter celebration a more environmentally friendly one. Here are a few tips...

Teaching your Kids about Earth Hour

Flipping the switch is just one step. As a parent, you can teach your kids about things they can do in their everyday lives and get them to commit to actions that will go beyond that hour.

Teaching your Kids to Recycle

With Earth Day just around the corner, it's an important reminder that we need to do all we can to preserve and protect our mama earth! So, why not make recycling a fun family project?

A Green Halloween

Teach your kids about how adding a little ‘green’ to your Halloween can make these festivities more eco-friendly and kinder to our planet.

How Green is your Lunch?

These days more of us are embracing the notion of lunching without waste. Yet there is lots of room for improvement.

A Green Back to School!

September is here! We've given you 5 ways to green your back to school routine and head back to class in an eco-friendly way.
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