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French Fries for Breakfast?

A recent study suggest that potato-based products can provide health benefits for children beyond basic nutrition. How can we prepare potatoes differently to improve its health benefits?

Protein Powder for Kids

Does my child need a protein shake after they workout? H2T weighs in on the world of protein powders.

Making Healthy Snacks for Kids

Where can parents find healthy snacks. The answer is easy. Make them!

Will Canada's Food Guide Drop Juice?

Potential changes to Canada's Food Guide could make you reconsider this drink.

What to Eat in Spring?

Some tips about foods that are suitable to eat during the Spring to help kids stay healthy during this season.

DIY Microwave Popcorn

Make your own homemade popcorn in the microwave without the bad-for-you ingredients.

Decoding Kids' Breakfast Cereals

How to choose the right breakfast cereals for your family, and what to look out for when reading the food labels on the back of the box.

10 Things Not to Say to your Kids About Food

As parents, we all say things to encourage our kids to eat healthier. Yet in our modern, food centric environment, even well-intentioned comments can be translated into negatives that hinder eating.

Healthy Holiday Eating for Kids

There’s more sugar around at this time of the year, and it’s easier for children to develop poor habits. Here's a list with steps to help kids eat healthier around the holidays.

Meals on the Go for Young Athletes

Nutrition and performance go hand and hand for athletes. How do we provide healthy meals for our kids while being stuck in a car racing to hockey, dance, gymnastics, or soccer?

Creating Meals That Kids Love

It hurt us when kids say "yuck" on the food we’ve worked so hard to prepare. So, how do we make meals that children actually enjoy and agree to eat willingly?

Happy National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month. It’s time to focus on being as healthy as we can be, especially when it comes to the foods we choose to put on our kids plates. Here are 10 tips for healthy eating.

Sneaking Vegetables?

Hiding vegetables in food has become quite popular; it also has become quite a highly charged topic, especially with moms. There are very strong opinions on both sides...

Raising Healthy Eaters

Raising healthy eaters is easy to do when you get your kids involved with the food they eat! The key to success is to make food and everything to do with it a fun experience. Because let's face it kids are all about fun!

Kids Can Eat Rainbows

Kids love rainbows! What's not to like, they're so bright and colourful! Did you know that you can take that love of rainbows and put it on a plate filled with fruits and vegetables?

March is National Nutrition Month

Healthy eating is for all kids as it develops good habits for now and into the future. 
Here are some great resources to help you stay on track!

Health Dangers of Drinking Soda

Before you or your children take a sip, learn about the risks associated with this sugary drink. More and more findings show that sugary drinks increase the risk of obesity or weight gain. These drinks also bring on a number of other health issues.

Avoid Overindulging at Halloween!

Nutrition and Halloween don't go hand in hand, but it is possible to promote healthy eating habits during the Halloween season, and prevent kids from overindulging.

Iron Deficiency Risks

A recent study has shown that iron deficiency anemia could be linked with strokes in small children. Therefore, preventative strategies and early detection in young children are important.

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

If your child cannot consume dairy products, here are non-dairy alternative sources.

Fruit Juices

90% of all infants consume fruit juices by the time they reach the age of 1 year. How much should they consume?

Baby Food Basics: Introducing Food Naturally!

Here are guidelines on how to introduce solid foods.

Sneak in Veggies and Fruit into your Child’s Diet

March is National Nutrition Month. 
Here are some quick, easy and sneaky ways to get more veggies and fruits into your kids’ favourite meals.

Halloween Candy Alternatives

There's no getting around it. Halloween is the time for sugar overdoses! This year, instead of handing out sugary treats, opt for fun (and healthy) alternatives to Halloween candy.

Healthy Snacks for Growing Children

Many young children are unable to eat at a single sitting to keep them going until the next meal. Snacks may become an important part of your child's nutrition and enhance their nutritional intake.

Kids and Fish

Fish is an ideal food for children because it's jam-packed with protein - which is pivotal in the diet of a growing child.

Kicking the Junk Food Habit!

Very few of us can resist eating junk food so imagine the battle in getting your kids to stop eating it! Here are tips to kick that junk food habit!
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