10 Fun Ways with a Giant Box!

Remember your disappointment when you purchased that really cool gift for your kids, but all they wanted to do was play with the box? Well you can smile again… here are 10 fun things to do with a giant box that will keep your kids amused for hours. Or better yet, skip the expensive gift, and just pick up one big box!

1. Build a Castle

Cut notches along the top like on a castle. At the bottom, create a door that opens like a drawbridge. Be a princess, prince or dragon for a day!

2. Make a Tunnel

Connect several large boxes together and make a giant tunnel to crawl in. Endless fun!

3. Create a Puppet Theatre

Cut a large opening in the front of the box and another in the back to make a door. Make a curtain out of an old piece of fabric or a towel. Let the show begin!

4. Make a Tent

Cut off the bottom and the top of a large appliance box. Cut down the centre of 1 side and fold it into a triangle. Tape 2 of the cut pieces to make your floor. Paint and decorate the tent.

5. Ticket Booth

Cut a window and make a ticket booth out of your giant box. Use it for your backyard carnival or your theatre!

6. Make a Submarine

Cut portholes in your large box and use empty paper towel roles to make periscopes. Then go off on an undersea adventure.

7. Make a Playhouse or Dollhouse

Have your child become an interior designer to decorate a fancy playhouse or a new home for their dolls.

8. Build a Train

Connect several medium sized boxes to create a train. Decorate and paint your train, then take your stuffed animals or dolls on a ride.

9. Make a Racing Mobile

Invent your own racecar by using a large box. Don’t forget to paint a logo or number on it.

10. Paint a Mural

Take a large box and cut it along the sides to flatten in into 1 large piece. Paint a giant mural with finger paints.

Loads of fun!

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