Back to Basics Birthday Parties

Parties On a Budget… 

You could rent a camel for kiddie rides, charter a fleet of mini motor cars, or recreate the interior of Hogwarts for some wizardry fun. But you’d rather not. When birthday time comes around this year, go back to basics. 

Here are some fun and creative birthday party themes you can easily host in the comfort of your own home (while saving you some cash!). In many cases, you’ll also be providing both the party favors and the party activity all in one!

Creative Cupcake Party

Bake a few dozen cupcakes and have the kids decorate them. Get a cupcake-decorating book from your local library or download some clever ideas and projects from the internet to give the kids some inspiration. Have your child select a few designs so you can prepare the appropriate decorations. If the kids are younger, set out lots of sprinkles and candies to decorate their cupcakes. Have different coloured icing available. Pick up some decorative containers to take cupcakes home. 

Dance Party

Get your kids in the groove! Find a large space to rent (check out mom’s or dad’s workplace – or most basements will easily transform into a dance studio). Remix some great tunes with the help of your kids and burn a CD for the party. Add coloured lights, groovy decorations and door prizes and you have the all the elements to create some dancing fever.  

Glamour Party

If your tween daughter and her friends are mad about make-up, host a make-over party or a home spa party. Your local dollar store can supply you with all the tools you need to apply make-up and you can pick up some inexpensive beauty accessories, including cosmetic bags to create lootbags. Spend the day with the girls giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and makeovers. Have fresh fruit and veggie platters to make it a perfect day at the spa!

Paint Party

Head to your nearest craft or dollar store and pick up a giant wooden letter – the initial of each of your guests coming to your party. Or, pick up small wood items such as treasure boxes, stools, or other fun-shaped items. Set up a work area covered with newspapers and have the kids paint their pieces. Include glitter and scrapbooking embellishments to use as decorations. 

Karaoke Party

Do your kids ever wish they could be a pop star? If your kids like to sing, scout out a cheap karaoke machine for rental or purchase a toy version that works well. Have a mini Canadian Idol Singing Party where kids can belt out their favourite tunes. Guaranteed to be a hit! Have the kids dress the part with funky rock n’ roll fashions.

Tea Time

Alice in Wonderland is setting new trends this year and let's face it, all little girls dream of having a tea party. Get the fancy dresses out and arrange for an elegant sit down tea, at a beautiful table. Serve tea or lemonade along with dainty finger sandwiches and fruit. 

Bling Party

A jewellery-making party for girls age 5 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit. Pick up bead boxes, bead boards, a tape measure, beading wire, toggle clasps, and velvet pouches for everyone to store their jewellery in. Create a couple of example bracelets ahead of time to inspire your guests.

Just add your own imagination and your party will rock!

What other inexpensive parties ideas have you tried?

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