Kids Pool Parties

Enjoy the last days of the Summer vacation by throwing a spectacular pool party for your kids' friends. We've given you a few tips to throw the "party of the season" along with a few resources to help. It's a great way to re-acquaint school friends who may not have seen each other over the Summer. This party will be the talk of the school playground, when kids head back to school!


Make a list of kids you want to invite. If your child is younger, you may want to keep the party size small enough for two or more adults to handle. If you want to be fancy, send out "pool themed" invitations and toss in some fun confetti in the envelopes. If you want to save time, send invitations via email. Check out some cool free party invites at:

Evite Free Pool Party Invitations

Pool Party Necessities

Remind everyone to bring their swimsuits, towels, goggles, hats, and sunscreen. Have a few extras on hand for those who forget! Make sure you have pool umbrellas and throw around some pillows and beach towels for added comfort!


Invite parents too. The more eyes there are on the kids in the pool, the better. Consider booking a lifeguard - check with your city/town swimming services as many will offer lifeguard services for a reasonable fee. You can never be too safe!

Read up on Pool Safety Tips from Parachute Canada.

Pool Party Water Games

Find water games that everyone can enjoy. Keep games limited to shallow-end games rather than the deep side. Here is a great pool games site to check out:
Party Game Central Pool.

Pool Party Foods and Drinks

Make sure your pool party theme is reflected throughout the day, including the cake, food, and drinks.
 Here are some great sites to help you out with pool party foods:

Kraft Canada Splish Splash Pool Party

Nick Jr. Cool Summer Treats

Taste of Home Pool Party Cake

All Recipes Pool Party Foods

Pool Party Favours

Goody bags for the children should be planned according to theme. Loot bags can include: beach towels, caps, sun hats, sun glasses, flip-flops - all great party favours as they will be on sale this late in the season! Scout out flip-flop key chains or even pool toys - there are tons of deals on Summer stuff right now! Or, give out small tubes or travel size containers of sunscreen.

Pool Toys and Decorating

Pool toys are important items for a Summer pool party. Make sure you have a variety of toys that will please kids and adults. Squirt guns, swimming noodles, kick/flutter boards, and diving items such as rings are a must! A basketball hoop or volleyball net is always a good addition for guests of all ages. Make sure you have flotation devices for kids who may need them. You can even ask guests to bring their own toys if you don't have enough. Keep pool distractions at a minimum (avoid too many toys in the pool). You want to be able to see all the children clearly! Focus on decorating just outside the pool border with balloons, streamers, beach balls, or go with a tropical luau theme. 

And if you don't own a pool, don't despair! You can still throw a pool party! Consider renting out a pool... Most city/town recreation centre rent pools at great rates for parties! 

Dive in and enjoy your party, but most of all stay safe! 

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