Back to School with Stuck on You!

The Coolest Back to School Kids Labels from Stuck on You®!

Stuck On You® have been trusted by Moms around the world for over 18 years for their labels stay stuck and the amazing quality of their personalized products.

Stuck on You® have labels for everything your child owns. Name labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, pencil labels, and sock labels are just a few products in their extensive range.

Stuck on You® Name Labels stick to just about everything from lunchboxes and drink bottles to books, school supplies, and sports equipment. The labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and are scratch-resistant, so well and truly up to the rough and tumble of the playground and beyond.

Stuck on You® Iron On Clothing Labels are essential for kids going to school. Forget the days of coming home with the wrong school bag or losing expensive school clothes. Label every item of their clothing with Stuck on You® easy Iron On Clothing Labels that bond permanently to fabric.  

It doesn't stop there! Stuck on You® have much more than labels for Back to School. They have gorgeous personalized kids lunchboxes, drink bottles, and backpacks. Mix and match creative designs and colours with your child's name printed on their own unique bag. All backpacks and lunchboxes are made from quality canvas and the lunchboxes are insulated to keep lunches cool. Stuck on You® Drink Bottles are stainless steel and BPA free.

Add some fun to everyday school supplies with Stuck on You Tools 4 School. They come complete with a pencil case, coloured pencils, coloured markers, HB pencils, a ruler, eraser, and scissors. Everything is printed with your child's name directly onto the items in their chosen design so they stand out from the crowd.

Avoid the last minute rush and get organized for Back to School now, simply order online at

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