Building Summer Memories

We’re well into the Summer holiday, so if you and your family have been busily hitting all the sights and sounds of the city or you've travelled, make sure you take souvenirs along the way and record these family fun times for future enjoyment!

Here are a few ways you can help your kids create their own memories!

• Give them an expanding folder and have them label sections with dates to record special moments on paper. Then have them drop it in the pockets along with any other memorabilia such as pamphlets or postcards.

• Instead of buying expensive souvenirs, have them collect items that capture highlights of your trip: ticket stubs, menus, sea-shells, brochures, programs, etc.

• Make sure the kids have access to the family digital camera so they can also document the trip in imaginative ways. Things can be viewed differently through the eyes of a child. Have them 'snap' all the welcome signs along your trip or their 'feet' at every attraction you've visited!

Make a Summer Scrapbook
Whether your child went to camp, enjoyed a family vacation, or simply enjoyed what your neighbourhood had to offer, collecting and preserving Summer mementos will give your child a sense of time, perspective, and history. Assembling a scrapbook with your child will help you bond while sharing the experiences. Scrapbooking is now a popular hobby so you can find endless supplies.

Time Capsule
Making a time capsule can be an amusing project to do with kids. It`s also a greatway to preserve Summer memories. Start by choosing and decorating a container to use for the capsule. Your capsule has to be sturdy and air and water-tight.  Decide how long the capsule will be stored before the kids can open it again (a few years is recommended). Part of the fun is choosing the items to preserve! You can include small items such as photos, sea shells, attractions tickets, passes, letters, drawings, and so on. You can also include DVDs or tapes you have recorded during the Summer. Remember to post a reminder of where your capsule is hidden.

Summer Journals
Encourage your children to keep a daily journal over the Summer. Not only will it help them practice their writing skills, but it will also provide a precious memento of how they spent their Summer.

Memory Box
Preserve your most treasured Summer moments by creating a family keepsake box. Give your child a shoe box or basket that they can use to fill with things they want to preserve. Have the kids decorate a box with paints, ribbons, pictures, fabric, buttons, and beads. Be creative with your box as it will hold special artefacts and souvenirs. Have everyone write a letter about their best Summer memories to include in the box. Or, make notes about the items you have chosen to put in the box (these can include tickets stubs to your favourite shows or attractions; sea shells from an enjoyable day at the beach; or pine cones from a great weekend at the cottage). What to these items mean to you? Collect precious photographs and videos from a special vacation or day trip. Did your kids go to camp? Include a souvenir from that experience. Make a CD from your family’s favourite Summer tunes and include it in your keepsake box! Remember, the greatest gift of all is the gift of memories – and one day, you’ll look back at these Summer memories fondly!

Just about anything can be kept to treasure. Here are a few suggestions:

• Photos
• Stamps
• Tourism Brochures
• Postcards
• Admission Tickets
• Invitations
• Letters and Cards
• Luggage Tags
• Airline or Train Tickets
• Expired Passports
• Receipts and Hotel Bills
• Travel Guides
• Maps
• Flyers
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Leaves and Pressed Flowers or other Nature Items
• Sea Shells, Sand, and other Beach Treasures
• Personal Notes
• Checklists

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