Far Enough Farm at Centreville

Far Enough Farm located at Centreville Amusement Park is the perfect destination for families visiting the island. This quaint hobby farm, now a Centre Island staple, has been in operation since 1959. Visitors can stroll around Far Enough Farm and visit animal friends. Kids can learn about the species and their natural habitats, pet an animal, ride one of the ponies, and meet the farmers.

The farm is home to a wide variety of farmyard and exotic animals. Since the Beasley’s took over operations, the farm has expanded significantly and the number of farm residents has grown with over 30 different species. Many new animals came to the farm this season including: a Jacob sheep, Royal Palm turkeys, Japanese quail, Bantam chickens, Fantail pigeons, Duroc-Hampshire pigs, Pot Belly pigs, Polish chickens, Cameroon Dwarf goats, Mini donkey, Red Golden pheasant, Yellow Golden pheasant, Silver pheasant, Jersey cow, Mandarin ducks, Indian Runner ducks, Guinea pigs, and a Central Bearded Dragon.

The farm features many long term residents like Billy Gruff the African Pygmy billy goat and Charlotte the Landrace pig. Jake the Donkey (40 years old) arrived in 1985. Duchess (30 yrs old!) and Boot are former police horses.

There are many birds that have made the farm their home by choice. You'll see plenty of the farm geese and mallard ducks milling about and there are several peacocks who roam the grounds freely. The farmers never have to worry about them flying away because they love living at Far Enough Farm!

Far Enough Farms has an amazing farming staff. Rob Croft is the farm manager and Tracey McInnis works along side of him. On any given day, Tracey and/or Rob are on site managing daily operations. They also have a number of farm hands who help them with their work. Drop by and say hello! The staff love their jobs and they thoroughly enjoy talking to visitors about the animals. Whenever they have the time to do so, they’ll go out of their way to teach interested visitors about the animals.

This fall, Centreville and Far Enough Farm will be hosting the first ever Amusing Race! This timed scavenger hunt will be held September 7 & 8, 14 & 15, and 21 & 22 from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Similar to the very popular 'other race', Centreville will host a trivia and location stop around the amusement park and Far Enough Farm. All families and/or  groups may participate in the race, but to be eligible to be entered for the Grand Prize all 10 tasks must be completed, which include several rides at Centreville Amusement Park.

Did you know that Far Enough Farm is open 365 days a year? It makes the perfect spot for a family outing in the Fall and early Spring (Ferry Service to Centre Island runs mid-April to mid-October). Pack a picnic lunch or plan to dine at the Carousel Café. Admission to the farm is Free.

For more information on Far Enough Farm, visit www.centreisland.ca.

Take a look at these wonderful photos, provided by Exploring Photography. Exploring Photography takes members on guided photography trips in the GTA. Beginner to advanced photographers discover new ways of seeing, and have a lot of fun in the process. The group is lead by Toronto photo-artist Al Uehre and his wife Katy Lee. For more info, visit: www.meetup.com.

Julie the Jacob Sheep - Photo by Al Quinlan

Buttercup the Jersey Cow - Photo by Al Quinlan

Jake the Donkey - Photo by Katy Lee

Moe the Duroc-Hampshire Pig - Photo by Sophie Goodall

Bantam Rooster - Photo by Al Quinlan

Far Enough Farm Entrance

Mallard Duck - Photo by Sophie Goodall

Make memories and take your picture on the Far Enough Farm tractor - a great spot for the annual family portrait!
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