Top 10 Back to School Checklist

As Summer winds down, it’s time to turn our thoughts back to the school year. It would be tempting to leave things to the last minute but this year, why not go for a more organized approach? Here’s a quick list for getting back into the groove... with ease!

1. Inventory your child’s wardrobe and only buy what’s necessary.

2. Create a family station where you can find all that you need as you head out the door.

3. If not already done, clean last year’s backpack or purchase a new one.

4. Purchase and organize classroom supplies. Re-use previous years’ supplies.

5. Set up an in/out box for school forms.

6. Create a homework station.

7. Hang a family calendar and colour-code everyone's activities.

8. Discuss goals for the year.

9. Institute a night quiet/reading hour.

10. Start re-adjusting to a school-year bedtime and routine mid-August.

Happy Back to School!

What tip would you recommend to ease the return back to school?

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