Walking Among the Trees

Treetop Eco-Adventure Park Courses in Oshawa

Walking among thentreetops is an exciting way to experience adventure, fun, and learning. Imagine walking through a treetop canopy and getting a unique view of the forest from an elevated boardwalk. It's one of the only walk of its kind and a treetop family adventure is an experience you'll always remember.

Treetop walking is a unique attraction which provides visitors with an interpretive walk experience through a beautiful cool temperate forest on a very hight steel structured treetop canopy walkway. Experience the sensation of being many meters above the forest floor. Guests will enjoy spectacular views and may encounter wildlife varying from birds to other creatures of the woods. A safety harness and ropes are used to keep you safe.

Treetop walking includes navigating a progressive course across the forest high up in the tree canopy. Some courses are simple walks on boardwalks for observing the beautiful bounty of nature as the birds would view it. Other courses have challenges created by obstacles that must be overcome in order to move on to each new step. This trendy, hands-on activity is gaining popularity all over the world. Several parks in Ontario offer this unique experience.

To help you rise to the occasion, we share some of the best treetop adventures in Ontario. Which one will take you and your family to new heights?

Treetop Trekking at Horseshoe Resort, Barrie
Discover this exciting adventure at Horeshoe. Travel through fun and challenging courses high above the forest floor and cross zip lines, including the 900 foot Big Zip, for an unrivalled adrenaline rush. Stride along the top of the trees with the use of rope bridges, zip lines, climbing nets, footbridges, swings, and more. Develop independence and responsibility, conquer fear of heights, and focus on concentration. Come and experience an adventure which will forever be remembered as you stimulate your senses and discover an incomparable connection to nature. Treetop courses are adapted to one's age, height, and strength for every skill level starting from ages 5 and up.

Treetop Trekking at Deerhurst Resort, Muskoka
Zip, climb, swing, and stride on an unforgettable journey through the forest. Stride along the top of the trees with the use of rope, bridges, zip lines, tarzan ropes, climbing nets, foot bridges, and swings. Whatever your level of agility, experience, or age, progress is at your own pace so the experience is safe, friendly, and accessible to everyone.

Treetop Eco-Adventure Park Courses, Oshawa
Treetop Eco-Adventure Park was established as an eco tourism destination in the Greater Toronto Area to create a park with games and activities that would cater to the outdoor enthusiast. The Aerial Treetop Adventure course is an elevated obstacle course set in the beautiful Oakridge Moraine and securely suspended between the trees at 10 to 50 feet off the ground. Some of the features of the courses include giant Tyrolean Zip lines, suspended bridges, swinging surprises, Tarzan swings, nets and much, much more. The minimum age of 7 is required, however in order for children to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the course they must be able to reach the tips of the fingers to a height of 4'7" (140 cm).

Guided Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves, Collingwood
Scenic Caves offers Treetop Walking as part of their Guided Eco Adventure Tour so you'll need to sign up for the entire package. A professionally guided treetop walk and zip cable gliding at the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment. The Eco Adventure Tour Includes: hiking to the suspension bridge, a tractor/wagon ride through the forest, treetop forest canopy walk (600 meters across 10” wide airborne walkways strung between a web of platform decks), ziplining through the forest (45 ft. vertical drop/14 meters), exploring most caves and caverns, 1000 ft. zipline across escarpment (150 ft. vertical drop/ 100 meters), and all day access to explore the park (available at an additional cost: Thunderbird Twin Zip Line, Mini-Golf, Gemstone Mining). Guests must be between 70 lbs and over 4’8″ tall or with someone who can reach 6 foot 2 inches high.

Haliburton Forest Canopy Tour
The canopy boardwalk is the ultimate highlight of this outing. Over half a kilometer long - and as such the longest of its kind in the world - the canopy boardwalk winds through the treetops some 10-20 meters above the forest floor. A platform suspended from the treetops above, becomes the gathering place where you can enjoy a leisurely snack while your guide elaborates on the forest environment surrounding you. A spectacular view across the lakes and forests becomes a fitting closure to your treetop tour. Youth between ages 10 and 17 may register.

Treetop Trekking, Barrie
Treetop Trekking is a leader in the treetop challenge game and zipline adventures in Ontario. They now have three established parks in Ontario located in Barrie, Huntsville, and Ganaraska (Port Hope), providing the most exciting outdoor adventure activity near the Greater Toronto Area. Their treetop aerial courses are made up of fun and exciting games and obstacles high up in the trees like suspended bridges, Tarzan swings, balance logs, cable traverses, and of course ziplines. While the Huntsville and Ganaraska parks can take kids starting at 9 years old, Barrie has courses for kids as young as 5.

Treetop Adventures, Goulais River
Treetop Adventures is an ecologically friendly tourist attraction, which offers a variety of exhilarating outdoor adventures. The Treetop Tour is approximately 12-30 feet in the air and includes a jungle gym in the trees. You will climb rock walls, cross wobbly and flippy bridges, swinging logs, disappearing platforms, chop sticks, balance beams, tire obstacles, swing like Tarzan or Jane, and much more. You must be 4 foot 6 inches tall (with shoes on) and weigh less than 265 pounds to play in the trees.

Eaglecrest Aerial Park, Bracebridge
Eaglecrest Aerial Park in Bracebridge, provides "The Ultimate Treetop Experience" for individuals, families, teams, groups, and corporate training. Come in and travel on a 3 hour pass (or less) through the highest adventure park in Ontario. Traverse the beginner through expert courses - 10 to 50 feet high in the forest canopy of the majestic pines located along the Muskoka River. Children must be 9 years or older and 54" or taller and must have a climbing adult with them.

Have you ever been treetop walking with your family? How was the experience?

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