10 Reasons Kids Should Play Golf

More families and youth than ever are discovering why golf is the game of a lifetime.

August is National Golf Month! There's no question that golf is a great game, and there is no better way to learn about the game, as well as many important life lessons, than through the first Tee. More families and youth than ever are discovering why golf is the game of a lifetime.

Here are 10 reasons why kids should play this sport!

1Anyone Can Play
You don't need to be a certain height or in any special shape to play. And unlike most other sports, you can enjoy golf your entire life. It's never too early to start.

2Minimal Risk Sport
Since golf is a noncontact sport, the chances of injury, especially serious ones, are very slim.

3Safe and Positive Environment
The golf course is a safe place that facilitates relationship development. Golf helps teach right from wrong in a supportive environment.

It’s one of the easiest places in the world to make friends. You can meet lots of people on a golf course, and interaction with others allows young people to develop social skills.  

5Spending Time Outdoors
In today’s world of video games and smart phones, child obesity is a concern nationwide. Golf gets kids spending an entire day enjoying nature and the outdoors, and getting fresh air.

6Important Life Lessons
A child will learn integrity, discipline and respect. As they learn to conduct themselves on the golf course, these lessons will translate directly into their everyday life.

7Manage Emotions
The range of experience in a golf game helps a young person's ability to manage one's emotions, maintain a positive outlook and focus on the shot at hand.

8Learn Etiquette
Golf places an emphasis on etiquette. In golf there is no judge or referee; instead, players govern themselves and fellow competitors.

9Family Time
Golf is a great game to take up as a family and enjoy for a lifetime! Spend a few hours together, relaxing outdoor and bonding!

The best reason to get your child involved with golf is that they’ll have an absolute blast. They'll learn new skills, make new friends and discover new opportunities.

If you're looking for Golf opportunities for kids this summer, you can still look into the following Golf Camps... or look into Fall Programs.

Greg Salazar's Golf Academy Junior Golf Camps
905-626-2658 | www.salazargolfacademy.com
Markham Green, 120 Rouge Bank Dr, Markham, ON
August 1, 8, 15, 22
Junior Camps will be offered at Markham Green Golf Club. Half day and Full Day available. Includes Full Swing analysis-video if required, Fundaments of the Swing, Rules and Etiquette, Practice days lesson, Short Game Techniques, Chipping and Putting, Pitching and Bunker Shots, On Course Instruction, Play Golf Each Day, Correction Techniques, Mental Strength Training, 9 Holes with Parent on Fridays and more.

Markham Golf Dome
150 Burncrest Road, Markham, ON
905-475-3663 | www.markhamgolfdome.com
Camps run until September 2
Junior camps are aimed at introducing the juniors to the enjoyment of the game of golf. Your juniors will learn about the history, etiquette, safety and skills and techniques needed to play the game of golf. Program Includes: Full & Half Day Programs; Basic Fundamentals of the Golf Swing - Irons, Woods, Bunkers, Chipping & Putting; Mini-Putt Contests; Snack Provided Daily. Lunch Program available or Bring Your Own.

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