A Late Summer Backyard Campout

Enjoy a last starry summer night before it’s time to hit the books!

Want to create a memorable summer adventure for your kids without leaving the house? A warm August night provides the perfect atmosphere for hosting a late summer campout in your own backyard. Enjoy a last starry summer night before it’s time to head back to early bedtimes and days filled with school work.

So, pitch a tent, grab the sleeping bags and invite friends for a backyard campout.

Plan the perfect backyard campout with these 10 activities...

1. Star Gaze
A backyard campout is the perfect time to show the kids the Big Dipper and teach them about the constellations.

2. Build a Campfire
Show your kids how build a campfire. Teach them with these tips.

3. Make Trail Mix
Combine equal parts of lightly salted peanuts, mini pretzels, Cheerios, M&M’s, raisins and banana chips, then toss and enjoy. For more fun add candy.

4. Make S'mores
S’mores are a must at a campout. This favourite camping dessert requires marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars. Roast on a portable grill or fire pit.

5. Play Backyard Bingo
Create or print out outdoor themed bingo cards. The first camper to find all of the items on their card wins a prize. Get one here.

6. Roast Hot Dogs
Have the kids cook their own hot dogs over the fire. While the hot dog may get a little charred, they will taste great to the kids because they were fun to make.

7. Sing Campfire Songs
Raise your voices with traditional camping songs that most kids learn in school or at camp. Or teach them some new ones.

8. Read a Good Camping Story
Read Bailey Goes Camping by Kevin Henkes, about a little bunny who is too young to go camping with his siblings, so mom and dad show him how to camp at home.

9. Play a Family Board Game
Board games aren't just for the indoors; a favourite board game is equally fun outside.

10. Play Flaslight Games
Flashlight games are a great way to entertain your campers once the sun goes down. Give everyone a flashlight and use them to make shadow puppets.

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