Back to School Shopping Checklist

Lunch box? Check. Notebooks? Check. Backpack? Check. If you want to send your kids back to school with the right stuff, just print out our convenient shopping list.

• Agenda/day planner
• Assignment book
• Back pack
• Binders
• Calculator
• Clipboard
• Colouring crayons
• Composition books
• Computer paper
• Construction paper
• Crayons
• Dictionary
• Dividers
• Duo-tangs
• Erasers
• Filler paper
• Folders
• Geometry set
• Glue sticks
• Hand sanitizer
• Highlighters
• Index cards
• Laptop
• Lined notebook paper
• Lock for your locker
• Locker accessories
• Lunch box
• Markers
• Memory Sticks
• Memo book
• Note books
• Paper clips
• Paper hole punch
• Pencil case/supply box
• Pencils
• Pencil lead refills
• Pencil sharpener
• Pens
• Rubber bands
• Ruler
• Post it notes
• Poster boards
• Printer
• School glue
• Scissors
• Spiral notebooks
• Stapler
• Stationery
• Tape
• Thermos
• Thesaurus
• White out


Happy shopping!

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