Easing into the New School Year

You know you can't go from Summer to the first day of school at the flip of a switch. Start easing into the school year schedule with these 10 tips...

1. Start practicing while it's still Summer

Practice your morning routine ahead of time. Before summer vacation ends, start setting the alarm and getting the kids back to the school time clock. Also adjust bedtime in 15 minute increments to help your kids get used to going to bed earlier. Remember, it takes weeks to slowly return to a school-year schedule, and it begins by waking late sleepers earlier and earlier until their body clock has adjusted.

2. Inventory the clothes and clean the closets now

Do a late summer cleaning to save time and have everything organised by the time school starts. Take out the Fall clothes to see what doesn’t fit, put away most of the summer clothes, and go through books your kids might have outgrown. There will be a few less things to do once school starts.  

3. Clear your calendar for the first 2 Weeks

Try to wait to schedule your personal appointments until your kids have gotten through one or two weeks of school. That way, you can be available if anything unexpected pops up.

4. Prepare your clothes the night before

Mornings are always rushed so whatever you can prepare in advance, do the evening before. Pick out your kids' clothes, or if they prefer, have them pick them out  the night before. And not just the outfit, but the shoes, t-shirt, hair clips, and anything else that goes along with it, so that you aren't scrambling to find a matching sock early in the morning.

5. Make lunches the night before

Putting together a sandwich, a snack and a fruit might seems like it takes no more than 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes will wind up taking much longer if you're rushing along in the morning, juggling kids and breakfast.

6. Create morning routine charts

Take the time to create a morning routine for your child early on. A proper morning routine includes: making their bed, getting dressed, putting pajamas away, eating breakfast, taking vitamins, clearing dishes and cleaning up and brushing teeth. We're loving these cute (and free!) Kid’s Morning Routine Flash Cards. A morning routine chart with images can keep easily distracted younger kids stay focused.

7. School Launch Pad

Get your gear placed by the front door the night before. Make it part of the bedtime checklist. Better yet, consider creating a school launching pad or school zone in your home. This is one central spot where backpacks, sports equipment, shoes, coats, school forms, etc. are kept so you are not rushing around searching for things in the morning.

8. Get plenty of sleep

If children don’t get enough sleep, it's no surprise they might be grumpy or angry when it's time to get up, making getting out the door more difficult. Make sure your child gets at least 8 hours of sleep or more each night to help them face their morning with a much better attitude.

9. Prepare for the entire week on Sunday

Getting things organized the night before is key to a successful school day, so once you've mastered that, try planning a full week ahead.

10. Always plan to leave early

If you need to be out by 8:15 am, chances are you usually aren't out until 8:30 am. Decide what is the very last minute you can leave without being late, and make it your goal to leave a few minutes prior to that. If that doesn't work, set your house clocks back 5 minutes.

Your kids will have a better day at school if they start off on the right foot (and so will you!)

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