McDonald's Recalls "Step-iT" Activity Wristbands

Product Name: "Step-iT" Activity Wristbands

Description: This recall involves "Step-iT" activity wristbands, which come in two styles – an "Activity Counter" and a motion-activated "Light-up Band". The Activity Counter comes in translucent plastic orange, blue, or green and features a digital screen that tracks a child’s steps or other movement. The Light-up Band comes in translucent plastic red, purple, or orange and blinks light with the child’s movement. Both styles of activity wristbands have a square face with the words "STEP-iT" printed on them and a button to depress and activate the wristband. The back of the square face contains the etched words "Made for McDonald’s."

Hazard: The recalled wristbands can cause skin irritation or burns to consumers. Health Canada has not received any reports of consumer incidents or injuries in Canada related to the use of the wristbands. McDonald's has received more than 70 reports of incidents, including reports of minor skin irritations or burns, after wearing the wristbands, at least 8 of which occurred in Canada. Approximately 3.6 million of the recalled wristbands were distributed exclusively at McDonald's restaurants across Canada. The recalled wristbands were distributed as part of a Happy Meal promotion that ran in Canada from approximately August 9, 2016 to August 17, 2016.

Corrective Action: Consumers should immediately take the recalled wristbands away from children and return them to any McDonald’s for a free replacement toy and either a yogurt tube or bag of apple slices. For more information, consumers can contact McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited at 1-888-424-4622 or visit

Manufactured in: China

Martin Brower of Canada Co.
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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