Stay Organized this School Year

Helpful things every organized mom does to stay on top of her game during the school year.

With back to school comes busy schedules and an avalanche of stuff to be organized. We gathered up 15 of the most helpful things every organized mom does to make the return to school a smooth transition and to stay on top of her game during the school year. You might want to start thinking about them now.

1.Organized Drop It Spot
To keep your home organized this school year, create a designated “drop it” spot for kids’ backpacks, coats, shoes, and sports equipment.

2.Set up a Centralize Message Board
Add a dry erase board for reminder messages. You can see what's happening, including after-school activities and childcare schedules, at a glance.

3.Keep the Paper Under Control
To help organize school papers, set aside a cardboard box for each child to for graded homework and forms. Pare it down as the school year goes on.

4.Empty Backpacks Daily
File away any papers you need to keep at home, and recycle anything unecessary. Keep an eye on their supplies, and freshen their stash of pencils, etc. as needed.

5.Tame the Art
Frame their best pieces of art. Save other pieces in a child’s box or for a scrapbook. If you want to get rid of the paper, take digitals of all art.

6.Study Area
It’s important to have a quiet, clutter-free designated study area for your kids where they have supplies and other resources needed for their homework,

7.Build a Morning Routine
Take the time to create a morning routine for your child early on. Get your kids up 10 to 15 minutes earlier if they have trouble in the morning.

8.End the Day With a Routine
It's a great way to start teaching them the concept of time management. Create the same structure at home at night to help your child stay organized all day long.

9.Introduce Your Child to a Daily Planner
Many schools provide students with a daily planner or agenda book. If yours does not, purchase one for your child prior to the start of the school year. 

10.Stay Connected
Most schools have a website where important dates and events are posted, and sign up for email. Encourage your child to use these online tools as well.

11.Buy Supplies in Bulk
Take advantage of the deals and never run out of supplies! For items that often get lost or broken, buy an extra set. You will certainly use it over the course of the year.

12.Use Technology
Streamline your family's schedule with a shared Cozi or Google Calendar, or stay organized with your favourite family time management app.

13.Do Everything the Night Before
Mornings are always rushed so whatever you can prepare in advance, do the evening before. That includes laying out outfits and preparing lunches.

14.Set up Multiple Bags
Do your kids do multiple activities? Have a designated bag packed and ready to go for each activity. You will never waste time looking for equipment.

15.Lunch Planning Calendar
Avoid giving the kids the same lunch each day! Create a Lunch Planning Calendar on weekends. On busy nights, you won't have to put much thought into lunch.

What tips do you have to share for staying organized? Share below!

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