Ways Kids Can Preserve Summer Memories

Kids can capture their summer stories by taking pictures, journaling, blogging or making movies.

Whether your summer included a trip to Europe, a week at camp, or you're having an amazing staycation at home, help your kids capture their summer stories by taking pictures, journaling, making movies and more.

Before long, the lazy hazy days of Summer will be replaced with pencils, backpacks, and homework so try some of these creative ways of preserving the fun times your kids are having this season. These keepsakes will help them remember the blast they had all year long!

1. Take Photos and Create a Photobook

Give your child a digital camera and let them take pictures of all their Summer activities. Then, go to a photobook website and create an album for Summer of 2016. Add captions and dates to create a tangible memory your child can keep forever. Kids can choose the cover, formats, themes, colors and placement of the pictures and text in the book. Your child will be overjoyed when they receive their album.

2. Keep a Journal

Give your child a themed notebook where they can record details of all their Summer fun. Kids can add drawings too. If your child is hesitant about journaling, you might start him off with a prompt, such as a question about a favourite moment on a trip or the best part about Summer camp.

3. Get crafty with a Scrapbook

Add an artsy twist on journaling by scrapbooking! Buy a basic scrapbook or make one. Encourage kids to save souvenirs from trips and outings such as ticket stubs, postcards, brochures, etc. They can decorate the scrapbook pages with crayons, stamps, borders and patterned paper. Visit a craft store to find fun additions for their scrapbook.

4. Make Vacation Memory Jars

Bring some of the your vacation back with you by filling jars with things collected from a trip. Place the jar where it can be admired so you can reminisce about your favourite Summer adventures. Get some inspiration from Martha Stewart to create the perfect jar.

5. Make a Video

A great option for tech-kids and movie-loving kids is to create videos with smartphones, iPads or cameras. They can edit their footage into stories with the help of easy-to-use apps. Try sites such as digitalfilms.com (free) and video-editing apps. You can also try iMovie ($6.99) for iPhones, which helps you film and edit; and Magisto Magic video editor, a free Android app that also lets you add music. Be aware of the storage limits for videos on the device (usually less than 10 minutes on a smartphone). And, if your child doesn’t have a steady hand, you could invest in a tripod. The Joby GorillaPod ($24.99) is great portable option.

6. Put together a Keepsake Box

This activity never loses its appeal. What child doesn't like a special place to save treasures? Help your child find a container to place all her mementos. Try a shoebox, clear plastic box or even a wooden box which they can decorate. Fill the box over the course of the summer with treasures such as shells, rocks, admission tickets, photos, postcards or found objects. Store in a dry, cool place so items don’t deteriorate.

7. Add Photos and Souvenirs to a Shadowbox

Shadow boxes are unique combinations of framed photos and scrapbooks. Kids can hang up and show off their Summer memories while giving the photos more life with the addition of small tokens, scrapbooking embellishments and souvenirs.

8. Start a Blog

If you child prefers to work online, they can journal on a blog they can share with others (with the supervision of a parent.) There are some great online blog services and signing up is easy. Services such as Wordpress.com, Tumblr.com and Blogger.com offer free blogging services and are a great place to start!

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